PolitFact admits: It’s Lie of the Year was the “literal truth”

Yep. Chrysler is moving a substantial amount of Jeep production to China; just like Mitt said.

Of course PolitFact is still claiming that a statement that is, as they admit, the “literal truth” also can be the “Lie of the Year”.

Mark Hemingway covers it in detail at the Weekly Standard.

So Jeep, which was currently producing almost all of its cars in America and then selling them overseas, was now planning to build cars in China instead of increasing production and creating jobs in the U.S. to meet increasing overseas demand. For a variety of reasons, it could be said that producing cars overseas makes business sense for Jeep. But the point the Romney campaign was making is that because Jeep received a taxpayer bailout at the behest of the president, creating jobs for American workers should be prioritized by Jeep before taxpayers are subsidizing the company’s decision to create jobs in China.

Further, all of this was hashed out and reported before the Romney ad that PolitiFact singled out as the “Lie of the Year” even aired. PolitiFact didn’t need to guess at the message the Romney campaign was trying to send, yet they chose to put pretty much the worst construction on what the Romney campaign ad said. As I said before, even free-traders and pro-globalization folks on the right may find the Romney campaign’s argument against Jeep’s expansion overseas disagreeable on economic and political grounds. But how exactly is it an example of the Romney campaign being deceptive?

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