NYT: “Please take away my Second Amendment right.”

Wendy Button

Wendy Button

Wendy Button wrote this in the New York Times. In the article she relates the horror of a man trying to break into her house. It terrified her and she considered getting a gun for protection. She, perhaps wisely, decided to not buy a gun because she suffers from depression and might use the gun to kill herself.

So, she makes the leap. Because it might not be wise for her to have a gun in the house the government should make it illegal for her to own one.


Yep. That’s where she goes. She says, “Please take away my second amendment right”.

Selfish and small-minded is what she is. Because she may not be able to be trusted with a gun she thinks her, and everyone else’s rights should be diminished.

Wendy Button is a fool. But she is more than that. She really is incompetent. People like her should not be giving anyone else advice on anything. She is a threat to others.

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8 Responses to NYT: “Please take away my Second Amendment right.”

  1. James says:

    LIberals can’t stand that others have abilities or situations better than they. If I can’t drive, nobody can. If I won’t make money, nobody can be wealthy. If I’m too unstable to own a gun, nobody can own one. Everyone must have equal outcome.

  2. Rockheim says:

    This woman is ignorant. And as James already pointed out it is their “I’m better than anyone” attitude that colors their opinions on everything.
    They are the most well balanced, knowledgeable, reasonable, most centrist people on earth. Just ask them. And they hold that self absorbed superiority as absolute. And since THEY can’t see a use for something.. then Nobody can. If THEY need something.. Then everybody does.

    Here’s a thought. Why not create a regulation that allows you to opt out of your individual rights? Sign up with the FBI. Go to your local PD, get fingerprinted, submit ID, fill out your forms and be added to the “No Buy” list. And there you go. You will no longer be legally allowed to purchase a weapon. And if you’re ever caught in possession of one you face felony charges.

    That way you can bow to the government and allow them to control yet another aspect of yor life.

    BTW.. Perhaps we should remove the ability to vote as well.. because if you think you can do untold damage to yourself or others because of your mental state with a gun.. You have no idea the damage you cause with your vote.

  3. R.D. Walker says:

    See? What are we to do with people who are so devoid of any sense of personal responsibility that the even want the federal government to protect them from themselves?

  4. Rich says:

    Dear Wendy:

    Please feel free to self-regulate away your own 2nd Amemdment right as, apparently, you have been quietly doing for some time. And then, please Wendy, STFU and leave the rest of us alone.

  5. EastBayLarry says:

    So a self-confessed suicidal depressive person should be setting standards for the rest of us?
    I think not.

  6. Van-a-gram says:

    I don’t suppose we could convince her to give up her 1st Amendment rights as well, could we? Sort of two-fer?

  7. RJM says:

    Funny, she doesn’t look that crazy.

  8. RJM says:

    Googled Wendy, she is a former speech writer for John Edwards.