CentCom Cmdr; Marine Corps Legend; Fired By Obama

Getting rid of the folks who question him.

“Word on the national security street is that General James Mattis is being given the bum’s rush out of his job as commander of Central Command, and is being told to vacate his office several months earlier than planned,” reports veteran national security correspondent Thomas E. Ricks.

It now appears likely that Gen. Mattis, a Marine Corps legend, will leave his post as head of America’s most important combatant command in March, several months earlier than planned. Ricks continues:

“Why the hurry? Pentagon insiders say that he rubbed civilian officials the wrong way — 

Some quotes from the good General James “Mad Dog” Mattis:

“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”

“I come to you in peace. I did not bring artillery, but I am pleading with you, with tears in my eyes; if you f-k with me, I will kill you all.”

“No war is over until the enemy says it’s over. We may think it over, we may declare it over, but in fact, the enemy gets a vote.”

“In a country with millions of people & cars going everywhere, the enemy is going to get a car bomb out there once in a while.”

“I would also add that [Al Qaeda] was dumb.”

“The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event.”

Actually, it’s a lot of fun to fight. You know, it’s a hell of a hoot. It’s fun to shoot some people. I’ll be right upfront with you, I like brawling…. You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn’t wear a veil. You know, guys like that ain’t got no manhood left anyway. So it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them.

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12 Responses to CentCom Cmdr; Marine Corps Legend; Fired By Obama

  1. Robert Ryan says:

    King Obama strikes again.

  2. DCVietVet says:


    • notamobster says:

      Welcome, DC Vet! He seems to be looking for folks who will do his bidding without question, that’s for sure.

    • GySgt Ret. Don Hoikkala says:

      The White House Out again taking out there Generals that refuse to Kiss Ass !. You are.slowly losing the respect of every Man and Women in uniform by Witch hunting. Who will fight your Battles when you take away all the Great Generals.Shamr on all of you Rats.!!

  3. Wayne Church says:

    We must keep in mind the with generals like this and Marines throughout history, the Marine Corps in the only service to beat the muslims twice. I am sure Obama does not like that!!!

  4. Tony says:

    Fuck Obama and the horse he rode on one. Fuck his supporters. He thinks the Constitution that I love was written by a bunch of out of touch old white men. I reject his vision of America. I reject his fucking nanny state and prefer to starve as comply. I am almost 60. No one now depends on me. I am of the mind of those on Lexington Green. As he said today: Now is the time. I, if required, will take his bullet to the chest through the sights of my rifle.

  5. Clint Herr ETC,USN(ret) says:

    The only reason our government has to fear the Military is if they are going against the US Constitution we are fighting or were fighting for!!!

  6. GySgt Ret. Don Hoikkala says:

    I had the great Honor of serving with some Great Marine Officers who came up from the Ranks because of there
    Leadership and how they lead by example they later became Outstanding Generals . Washington wants Kiss Ass’s and Yes Boys. They are going to find out they lost the respect of there Men and Women in uniform by Witch Hunting Officers in the Armed Forces. Who is going to fight there phony Wars then ? Semper Fi”

  7. Lawrence Tinsman says:

    Perhaps in these troubling times with the current despotic leaders that we have in Washington we should look for a Hero; a person that can lead us back to the freedoms that our founding Fathers envisioned for us.
    I think that with men like General James Mattis around we don’t need to look far.
    It may be time that we renew our vows to have a free and great nation; and if this means that we need another Revolution, then count me in.

  8. Dave says:

    personally, I think it’s time to tack back our country. the alienation of the troops is not a good way to start. wonder if any of them things in DC relies they just might be standing alone. looking at a whole country watching them! I can see the sweat braking on their foreheads now ! just as able to protect my country now as I was 43 years ago. something just a different time!

  9. Jeffrey H England says:

    I fought for this country once and spent 2 years has a pow for it when I returned I was forced out just like they are doing again;.. I fought for 18 years to get my disability again I only got it when I threaten to come to Washington;.. I will not hesitate to fight again;..
    This country was built by the people for the people and will not be tore down by some non military want to be politicians that don’t know there ass from a foxhole;.. If we need march then let us join together and march;..