Gun Control For Dummies

From Theo Spark


Below is Ramirez’ Weapon guide for the uninformed.

weapon guide

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One Response to Gun Control For Dummies

  1. Dr. Reno says:

    Regarding your “Ramirez’ Weapon guide for the uninformed.”
    1. You left out baseball bats (the FBI says that out of approx 300 murders that occur in the US 200 are with a “blunt object” such as a lead pipe or baseball bat).
    2. FBI stats say that of the approx 100 gun death–s in the US each year <10 — of those 90% is by rifle (meaning about 1 death per year in the US by hand gun).
    3. As a 25 year police psych police chiefs report to me the numbers the FBI does not ask for, i.e., who many lives are saved each year in the US because of guns. Fact: Over 30,000 lives are saved each year by guns, i.e., the average criminal will not assault an armed victim. Fact: These stats are NOT reported to the FBI because NO ONE WAS INJURED.
    I am forced to conclude that:
    1. His numbers were cooked up, i.e., completely phony.
    2. Because the numbers appear, or are presented as legitimate that they were not due to "innocent mistake."
    3. Mr. Ramirez doesn't give any supporting information (probably because there isn't any) about the origin of his "data," so one must assume that we are either a.) too stupid to ask where he got his numbers, or b.) too lazy to check his numbers and too stupid to ignore the obvious wildly over exaggerated numbers cooked up.
    To conclude therefore, one has to ask just who are these "uninformed" people are that Mr. Ramirez alludes to… since the ONLY people who would benefit from taking guns away from law abiding citizens are either criminals who could perpetrate crimes with less hazard, or perhaps politicians looking for political advantage at the expense of the people who put them in office. In either case the sales job presented here is detestable as it can only get the innocent hurt.