Zero Hedge: ” US Mint Out Of Silver Coins – Suspends Sales”

Zero Hedge:

As we noted earlier this month, the demand for both gold and silver ‘physical’ coins has been record-breaking as 2013 began. So much so, that now after selling over 6 million silver coins in 2013 so far, the US Mint has run out of silver eagles and has suspended sales. Furthermore, the Mint is saying that it will not restart sales until January 28th! With all asunder proclaiming victory and crisis averted based on the nominal price of stocks at five-year highs, Swiss interest rates no longer negative, and Spanish bond yields at 5%, it seems there are still a few that demand the wealth-preserving safe-haven of hard assets as the escalation of the currency wars shows no sign of abating.”

We’ll see if they lift the suspension. Remember there are still silver coins and rounds that are not minted at the US Mint.


56 year market Analyst Ron Rosen predicts silver to go to $233 an ounce.

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One Response to Zero Hedge: ” US Mint Out Of Silver Coins – Suspends Sales”

  1. Ray Davies says:

    I picked up 3 more morgans today. $90.
    when I started buting they were $12 each