What we missed by not watching Obama’s speech…

The call for collectivism with the federal government calling cadence.

The overwhelming impression one gets is that in Obama’s America, there is no civil society — no arena of private action, of voluntary responsibility, of free associations of citizens for solving the community’s problems. There are only the government (by default, the federal government, at that) and the individual. This is the “Life of Julia” campaign philosophy rendered in inaugural rhetoric: Without government’s aid in every aspect of our lives, we are lost, we are helpless, we are nothing. Every “we,” every “our,” every reference to “the nation” in this speech was a reference to a government solution to a “problem.” In this vision of America, no families, churches, charities, voluntary groups, or other institutions of civil society make any appearance at all. And when there are only the government and the individual, we know which one will be in charge.

Hay and a barn for human livestock…

I despise the collectivism and statism that are at the core of Obama’s crapulent vision for America. I don’t think I could have watched his speech without falling into a deep depression.


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7 Responses to What we missed by not watching Obama’s speech…

  1. Tony says:

    There is an elephant in the room that the President has failed to address. President Obama is uniquely capable of dealing with this elephant. The elephant?? 13% of the U.S. population commit 50% of the murders and suffer the burden of being 40% of the victims of murder. He could address this with an authority no preceding president wielded. The President’s solution is to blame a Constitution which he swore to uphold. He thinks the Constitution was written by a bunch of out of touch old white men.

  2. Tony says:

    I am a bee keeper and I am sure he was speaking to the collective. I am sure he thinks humanity needs a queen. Or in his case a King.

  3. whosebone says:

    There are millions of us that feel the same emotion R.D.

  4. Tony says:

    Do you know why the Scottish wear kilts? the sound of zippers make sheep nervous.

    On the other hand sheeple like the sound of Obama’s zipper. They know he is there to help.

  5. Jim22 says:

    Reportedly Obama was sworn in on two bibles, President Lincoln’s and Rev, Martin Luther King jr.’s. I wonder why he used bibles owned by two Republicans.