From the Mouths of Babes

I realize this is coming from Utah County, Utah, one of the most conservative places on Earth, but I’m impressed with many of the views these teenagers are expressing about guns. It gives me some hope for our future.

A recent shooting in Connecticut, children bringing guns to school, murders and bullies; violence is all around us and is increasing every day. Something must be done to decrease the amount of violence in our country today. Before there was a separation of church and state in schools, students were taught the commandments. The sixth commandment in the Bible is “Thou shalt not kill.” Because we have taken religion out of our schools, children are not being taught the principles and ethics that are in the scriptures. I recommend that we start teaching that God wants us to love our neighbors, not to kill them. When religion and school were combined schools had a lot less violence and children were much nicer to each other. I don’t remember the last time I had a lesson about ethics or even being kind to other people. Those lessons stopped after third grade. We need to bring God back into our school systems, start teaching respect and ethical behavior.

— Brooke C.

The media tells me that I should be afraid of guns. I’m not. In fact, I feel safer knowing that my dad is carrying a weapon when we go to the theater, or that my teacher is capable and prepared to protect me and my fellow students. I strongly believe that we are already taking the right steps for a safer society by having strong gun rights in Utah.

When tragedy struck in Colorado, the city of Aurora had recently outlawed guns in movie theaters. The man who opened fire in that theater knew his victims could not resist. They died because they were unable to defend themselves, and the shooter knew that. Unlike a similar situation in Utah, when a man opened fire in Trolley Square, an off-duty police officer returned fire that stopped a potential massacre. A gunman is going to think twice about shooting up a place that could potentially be filled with weapon wielding civilians.

Utah should not weaken its right to bear arms like many states already have. Many people want to abolish the Second Amendment. Let’s not even consider a Utah without guns. They are tools that can keep us safe.

— Jacob C

More of these points of view from the younger generation can be found here.

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