Creative Destruction and the coming end of Best Buy

Best Buy is doomed. So are the others like it.

The clerk asked if he could help, and I said I was looking for a cheap virus-magnet laptop loaded with crapware. He asked me to repeat myself. He said the offerings on the showroom floor were scant, but I might try the website. He also said something interesting:

I don’t use a computer myself.

And this from a young fellow. Why so? Because he used his phone for everything except games, and for that he had an Xbox. The idea of a computer was . . . (shrug) whatever. I wandered around the store, looking at things I neither wanted or needed. This was the Best Buy flagship, the best store in the chain: it’s close to the corporate mothership, and they experiment here, put on their best face. I walked out thinking:

They really are doomed.

I don’t know why I thought that; I’ve always enjoyed the store. It always felt like a going concern. But they sell cameras. Laptops. Where once they had rows of media, now there’s little, because physical media is going away. Where once they had games they don’t have games, because – well, see above.

I’m going to miss shopping and looking and touching, I really am.

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5 Responses to Creative Destruction and the coming end of Best Buy

  1. dukkaA says:

    I don’t like going on Best Buy anymore…and I use to like it. I’ve had a couple delightful encounters with their slacky skater geek customer service or in a more cadid way…. “I don’t give a shit about you” associates. In fact I’ve had a manager of a store just hang up the phone because could not resolve the issue…that a my 13 year old daughter could have resolved.

  2. Uke says:

    Physical manifestations of software is dinosaur stuff, that’s for sure. The various Cloud systems out there have pretty much nullified the need to have a physical copy of anything.

    The music section of Best Buy is likewise. Who buys music CDs anymore?

    But desktop rigs themselves are not obsolete. The fact that Best Buy carries them, though, might be. Who buys a desktop rig now rather than building their own (or hiring a tech-savvy friend/relative to do it) from NewEgg or similar?

    Laptops in general though, might very well be on the downward slope. What niche do they really fill now, what with iPhones and iPads?

  3. Ray Davies says:

    I haven’t been to BB in at least 5 years. It used to be fun and informative, but now it’s the elitest little turds who make it known that they know more than you, and that you can’t live without them. The floor staff might have some knowledge,but the personality of a toad. Like most stores now days they are hiring the lowest common denominator.

  4. notamobster says:

    Good. Get rid of the old model and bring in a new one. Ever evolving, the way a good economy should. You know which economies didn’t evolve? USSR & Cuba. Just saying.

  5. Matt says:

    This “cloud computing” thing is going to destroy good Best Buy jobs, just as the ATM destroyed good bank teller jobs.