Candid Story About Recent Google DPRK Visit


Very interesting read (w/pics) on a recent Google visit to North Korea, a.k.a. the ugly, emotional shut-in, socially-awkward step-brother, Korea.

The longer I think about what we saw and heard, the less sure I am about what any of it actually meant.

Top Level Take-aways:

  1. Go to North Korea if you can. It is very, very strange. 
  2. If it is January, disregard the above. It is very, very cold.  
  3. Nothing I’d read or heard beforehand really prepared me for what we saw.  
I can’t express how cold it was. Maybe 10-15 degrees F in the sunshine, not including wind chill.  The cold was compounded by the fact that none of the buildings we visited were heated, which meant hour-long tours in cavernous, 30-degree indoor environments. It is quite extraordinary to have the Honored Guest Experience in such conditions:they’re proudly showing you their latest technology or best library, and you can see your breath. A clue to how much is really in their control[…]
Since we didn’t have cellphones or alarm clocks,  the question of how we’d wake up on time in the morning was legitimate.  One person suggested announcing  “I’m awake” to the room, and then waiting until someone came to fetch you.
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One Response to Candid Story About Recent Google DPRK Visit

  1. sortahwitte says:

    Very interesting. And worth your time. Be sure to click on “korea” and “if you can”. They live in the stone age and nothing would give their leader a larger boner than to nuke us back to where they are.