I’ll Have More Flexibility When I Don’t Have To Be Elected Anymore

The president liberals have been waiting for has (finally) arrived. That’s the headline at WaPo. Now that he doesn’t have to lie anymore, he can come out of the closet and be the filthy, lying, hypocrite we always knew he was.

Today in his second inaugural address, President Obama became the progressive leader that many liberals thought they were getting when they voted him into office four years ago[…]

This was Obama unbound. Distill Obama’s speech to a single sentence and that sentence is: “I’m the president, deal with it.”[…]

The question going forward is whether President Obama will make good on the progressive agenda he outlined today. Does he push hard on climate change or some sort of broader energy policy? Does he cut a deal with Republicans on immigration reform or go it alone believing they will follow? On guns, will he accept a smaller-bore version of the legislative proposals he outlined last week or go for the whole enchilada (or something close to it)?

Those questions are, at the moment, impossible to answer. What we do know: In his second inaugural speech, President Obama forcefully embraced the sort of progressive agenda for which liberals — and Democrats more broadly — have long pined.

We, here at The Real Revo, have been warning you about this day for 4 years. Here it is. Embrace the suck and get ready for the longest 4 years of your life.

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6 Responses to I’ll Have More Flexibility When I Don’t Have To Be Elected Anymore

  1. Bman says:

    Anyone know where one can purchase a Gadsden Flag for a good price?

  2. Matt says:

    I fear we may one day look back on the past four years as the “good old days.” Ugh.