Chicago Area Veteran Stands Up For Second Amendment

Watch closely. This is the way the anti-gunners will phrase the debate. Watch as this hero challenges their assertions. It’s a lesson to us all.

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11 Responses to Chicago Area Veteran Stands Up For Second Amendment

  1. Notamobster says:

    You’re damn skippy it’s just as great a threat today! These people don’t realize that they’re poking a VERY dangerous bear, with an incredibly short stick!

  2. Rockheim says:

    Speaking of the dangerous bear.. I was having a similar discussion today on another board. The sheer lack of acknowledgement of the problem they’re facing is staggeing. It went like this..

    “This is what happens when you start screwing with the Constitution. Some people get pretty upset about it..

    Missouri Sheriffs refuse to uphold any federal ban on firearms while the Missouri Legislature prepares to pass a bill making it a felony to enforce said laws.

    Dallas Sheriffs follow suit.

    Hundreds, thousands, announce their intent to openly defy New Yorks new gun laws and registration schemes.

    And other states are drafting legislation to prevent such enforcement..

    And in Utah.. The Utah Sheriffs Association.. The whole association comprised of ALL the Sheriffs have announced not only their intention to not enforce any new Federal law and take action against those who attempt to do so.. but they’ve made clear that they’re willing to pay the cost, up to and including paying with their lives to prevent such abridgement.

    Let me know when you start to grasp how seriously people take this whole “charter of negative rights” thing…”

    “I just want to make sure I understand:
    So, if a law is passed outlawing, say, Bushmaster rifles as a matter of private ownership, carry and use, then states and other localities will pass laws that say “you take that loaded Bushmaster wherever you damn well please” and will make it a felony to enforce any law that “abridges” that “right”?

    You do realize that those laws will come up against court challenges on the basis of the Commerce Clause, don’t you? And that they will lose.”

    “Your lack of understanding about the problem presenting itself, the way things are building and your utter disregard for what is being said coupled with your weapons grade lack of imagination is epic.

    Several governors and legislators are working to pass laws to make it a felony to enforce Federal edict in their states.. Sheriffs around the country have made it known that they will simply refuse to enforce said federal edict.
    The Sheriffs of an entire state have made it clear that they will trade their lives in defense of the Constitution and to protect it’s provisions against what would/could be “legally passed” laws and rules and you think a court ruling will simple solve this?

    Wow. Simply. Plainly. Wow.”


    I think someone who would “trade their lives” for something a court will say is illegal is a ……..
    Criminal. And in that case, they probably deserve to die. Or at be arrested and tried.

    Rule of law. All that.”

    “And how many Americans are you willing to execute in your pursuit? And exactly whom are you going to get to do it?

    Again. Your lack of understanding of the problem you’re facing is staggering. It defies description”


    Lincoln killed several hundred thousand to end slavery and repair the union once the extremist whack nuts decided to secede and fight the “jack booted thugs”.

    The reality is that there are whack jobs in public positions. And the ATF shows up with lots of support. And “military” weapons.

    See, the ATF and National Guardsmen will know exactly who to shoot at. Who will be directing the side of the whack nuts like McVeigh or Koresh? Who will they shoot at?

    Standing Federal Armies.

    You think your “arms” matter to them? And you’re under the delusion that vast numbers of Americans would show up to “fight” the “Jack Booted thugs”?

    The NRA has a membership slightly bigger than 1% of our population. Then there’s the other 99%. So to speak of “staggering”.”

    And it devolved from there.

    And these responses are coming from a supposed educated, professional, liberal. And these are not isolated responses either. I’ve had conversations with my BiL.. Am I somehow nuts? Am I overly paranoid for seeing this as a potential powderkeg? And am I the only one here that sees the inherent danger in what is going on and have a healthy respect and fear for what could happen should the wrong person take this to heart a bit stronger than they should be this juncture?

    • notamobster says:

      Rockheim – First, you should consider writing for The Revo (if you have time, desire, etc). You think clearly and logically. You have an innate ability (from that first post which brought you here) to work a discussion through it’s logical paces. That’s a huge thing and we can use it to influence the national dialogue. We may not have the largest audience, but our influence a lot of minds. Think about it.

      And these responses are coming from a supposed educated, professional, liberal. And these are not isolated responses either. I’ve had conversations with my BiL.. Am I somehow nuts? Am I overly paranoid for seeing this as a potential powderkeg? And am I the only one here that sees the inherent danger in what is going on and have a healthy respect and fear for what could happen should the wrong person take this to heart a bit stronger than they should be this juncture?

      Second – The situation we find ourselves in is ABSOLUTELY A POWDERKEG! We are standing on one bank of the Charles River, the troops of Gen Thomas Gage, on the other. Welcome to Lexington, 18 April, 1775.

      We are begging our leaders to hear our pleas. As you see, they apparently don’t speak English. They don’t understand the situation because the liberal mind only understands being forced to do things. They can’t comprehend the idea of a man willingly trading his life, to be free. Troops are brainwashed. Freedom loving Americans are mere nutjobs, being cajoled by the NRA, or cult-leaders like David Koresh. They betray themselves with the words they speak.

      I have written multiple articles begging for common sense. Imploring people to let cooler heads prevail. My greatest fear in this situation is not precipitous action by those who seek to left in peace (that is actually 2nd). My greatest fear is the inability of our ideological foes to see the situation they are creating. They are agitating an already alarmed swarm of bees and they can’t even see it!

      The inability of the liberal leadership in this country to comprehend the ideas which make and keep people like us free men & women, has a tendency create a false sense of security. When you don’t recognize danger, you don’t take the necessary precautions to mitigate that danger. The thought of an emboldened President acting in direct violation of the US Constitution, or even some states (Illinois)… scares the begeezus out of me.

      The thought of going to war with my countrymen is terrifying. The liberal doesn’t contemplate these things because they can’t understand that some people would rather die free, than live as slaves. For decades, they have pushed us around, forcing us to accept their ways. The economy is in shambles and getting worse. Our outstanding liabilities CAN NEVER BE MET. Our debt is so large that average mind can’t even comprehend it without visual aides. Each year we are told that our concerns are stupid, ill-conceived. Each day, our government grabs at more power. Our future is grim. All of these things are building pressure on this vessel. The last immediate threat was met by the tea-party. This was a spontaneous, genuinely grassroots, uprising by conservatives who were showing just how sick they are of the way our country has gone.

      I am scared that we’re not seeing a similar uprising.

      I am fearful that so many of my countrymen could even consider the possibility that our government created the Sandy Hook shooting to take our 2nd Amendment rights. That type of talk has always traditionally been smacked down immediately & summarily dismissed to the fringes. I’m seeing our government make people afraid. That is a dangerous state to be in. People are tense & frightened.

      Conservative Americans are akin to the rattler on my Gadsden flag. They are coiled. They are scared shitless and they are rattling. The most dangerous aspect is that the source of our alarm is blind and deaf to our warnings. They’re walking our way, and they think they can step right on us. God save us.

  3. Greg B says:

    It appears that they haven’t a clue.

    They also don’t seem to realize, not everyone that is armed and wants to stay free is an NRA member. I literally just joined on Friday.

  4. Greg B says:

    Im referring to the people Rockheim was talking to, just in case the was any confusion.

  5. thebronze says:


    Stop trying to debate/reason with Leftists. They don’t think like us normal people do (“Liberalism is a mental disorder” anyone?), so NOTHING you say to them will make ANY difference, because they don’t use logic as a basis for their thought, they use emotion. You can NEVER reason with someone like that. Stop wasting time on trying to reach people that are unreachable. Spend your time preparing for what’s coming and educating those that are like-minded.

    And PLEASE stop calling them Liberals! Call them what they are: LEFTISTS

    • Z says:

      I wholeheartedly agree on not using the term Liberal. They are the Left, and as a group, the most illiberal people I can think of.

  6. xenicalman says:

    That Chicago Veteran has my back.
    The leftists will hang on to what is legal and what is not. They forget though that what is legal is not necessarily right. He forgets that several hundred thousand citizens gave their lives for what they thought was right. Legality was not the issue.
    Watch for an end run around the Constitution and Bill of Rights when the leftists prevail in the Supreme Court. The issue again will not be what is legal, but what is right.
    Leftists think that the word inalienable means legal.
    Obfuscation of the 2nd Amendment by historical reference or for that matter, any of the other Amendments, provides the basis for their reasoning.
    And, I have always wondered, just whom would our troops shoot at when the issue becomes one of legality or one of what is right.
    No other president except for Lincoln will leave office having the legacy of tearing the country asunder, fomenting class warfare, the disenfranchisement of half of the population and having the responsibility for causing the discourse for and of this pending rebellion. I pray that it goes no further. I am ready to fly the Gadsden flag.

  7. pete says:

    I can’t speak for everyone that I work with, but i can say this any unlawful order (turn you guns on the ppl you swore to protect) will be meet with a mutiny. Also if you didn’t know its not mutiny in less more then 10 memeber in a command refuse orders

  8. R.D. Walker says:

    The fool in the front actually argues that the Constitution is only the law to the extent it is decided it is relevant today. In other words, it isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. The Bill of Rights can be dismissed as irrelevant and ignored. There is no Bill of Rights. There is only a Bill of Suggestions. There is no Rule of Law. There is only Rule of the Majority Opinion.

    This guy doesn’t look like a high school drop out. This guy looks like the type of person who has some educational background.

    I agree with others here. When the so-called “cognitive elite” is telling the people they have no rights that are guaranteed but they are all based on the opinions of the elite as to what they believe is relevant, there is a fire being kindled.

    • Jim22 says:

      “cognitive elite”

      I detest those people. He’s almost surely an educator. They’re not all like that but the combination of a university education and all the leftist indoctrination that goes with it, Tenure, and its protection from real life, and the situation where your every day job is to be an unquestioned authority on some thing, tends to make people think they have all the answers.

      They are universally separated from anyone who holds differing views. Their cohorts reinforce each other’s biases and they tell each other they aren’t biased. They think they are elite and uniquely cognitive. They are full of sh#t.