Lighting Your Match Atop A Powderkeg

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Rockheim – First, you should consider writing for The Revo (if you have time, desire, etc). You think clearly and logically. You have an innate ability (noticed from that first post which brought you here) to work a discussion through it’s logical paces. That’s a huge thing and we can use it to influence the national dialogue. We may not have the largest audience, but our words influence a lot of minds. Think about it.

And these responses are coming from a supposed educated, professional, liberal. And these are not isolated responses either. I’ve had conversations with my BiL.. Am I somehow nuts? Am I overly paranoid for seeing this as a potential powderkeg? And am I the only one here that sees the inherent danger in what is going on and have a healthy respect and fear for what could happen should the wrong person take this to heart a bit stronger than they should be this juncture?

Second – The situation we find ourselves in is ABSOLUTELY A POWDERKEG! We are standing on one bank of the Charles River, the troops of Gen Thomas Gage, on the other. Welcome to Lexington, 18 April, 1775.

We are begging our leaders to hear our pleas. As you see, they apparently don’t understand English. They don’t understand the situation because the liberal mind only understands being coerced to do things. They can’t comprehend the idea of a man willingly trading his life, to be free. Troops, they say, are brainwashed. Freedom loving Americans are mere nutjobs, being cajoled by the NRA, the Kock Brothers, or cult-leaders like David Koresh. They betray themselves with the words they speak.

I have written multiple articles begging for common sense. Imploring people to let cooler heads prevail. My greatest fear in this situation is not precipitous action by those who seek to be left in peace (that is actually #2). My greatest fear, right now, is the inability of our ideological foes to see the situation they are creating. They are agitating an already alarmed swarm of bees and they can’t even see it!

The inability of the liberal leadership in this country to comprehend the ideas which make and keep people like us free, has a tendency to create a false sense of security. When you don’t recognize danger, you don’t take the necessary precautions to mitigate that danger. You act with much more arrogance. The thought of an emboldened President acting in direct violation of the US Constitution, or even some states (Illinois) doing the same… scares the bejeezus out of me.

The thought of going to war with my countrymen is terrifying. The liberal doesn’t contemplate these things, because they can’t understand that some people would rather die free, than live as slaves.

For decades, they have pushed us around, forcing us to accept their ways. The economy is in shambles – and getting worse. Our outstanding liabilities CAN NEVER BE MET. Our debt is so large that the average mind can’t even comprehend it without visual aides. Each year we are told anew that our concerns are stupid, our fears irrational; ill-conceived.

Each day, our government grabs at more power. Our future is grim. All of these things are building steam and applying pressure on this vessel.

The last time conservative Americans saw an immediate threat, it was met by the tea-party. This was a spontaneous, genuinely grassroots, uprising by conservatives who were showing just how sick they are of the way our country has gone.

I am scared that we’re not seeing a similar uprising.

I am fearful that so many of my countrymen could even consider the possibility that our government created the Sandy Hook shooting to take our 2nd Amendment rights. That type of talk has always traditionally been smacked down immediately & summarily dismissed to the fringes. I’m seeing our government make people afraid & distrustful. That is a dangerous state to be in. People are tense & frightened.

Conservative Americans are akin to the rattler on my Gadsden flag. They are coiled. They are scared shitless and they are rattling. The most dangerous aspect of our current situation is that the source of our alarm is blind and deaf to our warnings. They’re walking our way, and they think they can step right on us. God save us.

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8 Responses to Lighting Your Match Atop A Powderkeg

  1. Rockheim says:

    I wouldn’t mind at all putting a few words down for the Revo from time to time. I’m still fairly new around here and am flattered to be asked to participate in such a manner.

    Back to this though. From reading the USA today piece that Greg shared with us and from taking my usual hip wader equipped stroll through the DU and DailyKos I’m seeing a frightening misread through the left.

    They see the NRA as an irrelevant, dangerous, fringe, whackjob organization that is a 1/2 step away from joining AQ as a official terrorist organization. They see the people who support the 2nd as knuckle dragging neanderthals with penile compensation issues. And further. They see the world as a civilized and enlightened place where an oppressive dictator or government coming to power would be a complete and utter impossiblity.
    They can’t understand why on Earth anyone would not be willing to give up a few rights to usher in the peace and prosperity that they themselves will deliver to us. They don’t understand the dedication people have to that mouldy old scrap of paper. They don’t understand the oaths that people have taken. Exactly as laid out in that short story by Matt Bracken:What I saw at the Coup.. They don’t get it at all. They’re clueless.

    “.. “Remember your oath” was a common theme. That whole tired shtick about “defending the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic,” with a heavy emphasis on domestic. All of that reactionary claptrap. Who knew that so many of them took that oath so damned seriously? Who knew? Mere words on paper, and yet, so many Americans were willing to kill and to die for them. Who knew?”

    Who knew…

    And they see our outrage, our rhetoric and most importantly.. our pleas.. as a sign that we’re beaten. We’ve been ground down. We’ve lost the battle and the war and now we’re pleading for our lives and what ever scraps of dignity we can cling to. They see this and think they need to continue this press to finish us off.. once and for all.. And they couldn’t be more wrong.

    Our pleas are not for ourselves. Our begging is not for our own comfort. Our pleas come from the fact that we’re holding the gun to their heads and we’re begging.. pleading.. crying on our knees for them to not force us to pull the trigger.

  2. Old Ollie says:

    Make no mistake my friends, the coming struggle over gun rights will separate those of us who truly believe in the Constitution from those who will stand by & let their rights be taken away in the name of security. We have already watched the Federal Government infringe on liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. How much safer do you feel? If the Government succeeds in abolishing the 2nd Amendment, be it with Executive Order or Congressional action America as we know it will cease to exist, unless we the people resist. How many of us will truly stand & confront this Tyrant we have for President? Very few, I am afraid, if you doubt this just look at the last election, Obama won with the promise of more free stuff. What happens when the free stuff runs out & you cannot protect your family from the mobs who want your stuff?

    We are headed, at a very high speed, for a much higher cliff than any financial crisis could ever create. I for one do not choose to live in the America envisioned by Obama. If you know any law enforcement officers, ask them if they will defend the Constitution or simply follow unlawful orders to disarm law abiding citizens, you may be surprised at the answer, if they are truthful, I have asked & I was surprised. I urge you to think about your friends & family & be positive about which ones will stand with you or which will cower in fear & run from the coming struggle.

    Charlton Heston said it best, “From my cold dead hands”, that should be our motto. I will not go looking for any confrontation, but if they come for my arms I will not comply willingly. If you think these things cannot happen here look at the people who tried to protect their property from looters in New Orleans after Katrina. The police came & illegally confiscated their guns in the name of security. It can happen here & it will, if we allow it.

    • messup says:

      Happened in Sandy, too. Habeus Corpus summarily suspended…all on utube, too.

      • notamobster says:

        The Patriot Act gives the government all kinds of unconstitutional authority. Our government is completely out of control.

  3. Ray Davies says:

    Damn!!!!! Rock, so well said this piece should be spread across the country. With your permission I will copy ans paste into my e-mail and pass it on. I took the oath “to protect and defend” 40 years ago and I don’t remember recending it. I believe it is as important now (if not more so) than ever before. I’m not sure how we can react next, a new party, strenghten the TeaParty, or rebuild the Republican Party, somehow we have to do this before the one spark that once again pits us brother against brother.
    Thank you, Rock, great piece

    • notamobster says:

      Ray – I can’t speak for Rock’s comments, but if you’re talking about reprintint the article – HAVE AT IT! Get it out there. I wrote the article. Anyone can reproduce in any medium. Just get the message out.

  4. Ray Davies says:

    Thank you Consider it done

  5. messup says:

    A thumb-nail sketch of existing US political/social/economic reality.
    The Progressive New Left Activists have a time-worn objective in mind: 1)Greed, 2)Power and 3) Corruption. Corollary to this mind-set is:a. destroy US’s Constitution and b. collapse US’s capitalism. All these began with Woodrow Wilson, had a breather, then went rampant with FDR’s 3,466 Executive Orders and other gerrymanderings.
    This morphed into 35 years of control, by one party, of US’s Legislative Branch of government giving activist Judges the go ahead with legislating from the bench.
    A sum total of some 51 years of Progressive New Left Activists are achieved successes in incrementally dissecting, dismantling and collapsing everything America and American Exceptionalism.
    Stop to think of it: From 1950 to 1957 all of today’s “wonders-of-the-world” were conceived in and born from American ingenuity…just think of it! Not since this short, seven year time span has anything of its type emerged. Just name it, and this time period strikes one as the world’s most innovative.
    Who was President this time frame???? Eisenhower, that’s who! 1953 -1961. Harry Truman, gave us North and South Korea. FDR gave us USA’s biggest headache yet, Panama and the Panama Canal.
    Eisenhower stepped up to the plate, got busy, and finished the task at hand. Truman and FDR opened a can of worms….kicked the can down the road. Pray. Amen. Choice is clear.