Out of touch. Out of their minds.

This is an incredible piece from USA Today. Hat tip to Greg B.

Ever since the Sandy Hook shootings, we’ve been hearing that now, at last, it’s time for the National Rifle Association to drop its “extremist” views and accept the sort of gun control that Democrats — and their allies in the press — were pushing long before Sandy Hook. When NRA Executive Vice President Wayne La Pierre proposed armed guards in schools, it was portrayed as evidence of how out-of-touch the organization was. Democratic pundits called on Obama to crush the NRA while it was on the ropes — when they weren’t calling for its members and officers to be killed.

Whose idea was it anyway?

But then a funny thing happened. After the NRA school-guard strategy was roundly denounced as outright crazy by the pundits, — the editors of the New York Times called it “delusional, almost deranged” — President Obama came out with … a proposal for armed guards in schools. It is no small feat for an out-of-touch, on-the-ropes organization to get the president to basically endorse its signature policy proposal at a time of national debate.

But, then again, it turned out that 55% of Americans supported the NRA proposal. Turns out, it was the people calling it crazy — like the editors of the New York Times — who were out of the mainstream.

Meanwhile, pundits denounced gun-rights activists who said that the right to bear arms is in part a protection against government tyranny. Only a crazed militia type could possibly believe that, right? Except that — go figure — 65% of Americans see gun rights as a protection against tyranny. And only 17% say they disagree. Once again, it’s the critics who appear to be out of the mainstream.

Outside the mainstream

And by out of the mainstream, I mean really out of the mainstream. According to a post-Sandy Hook Gallup poll, the NRA,with a 54% favorable rating, is actually more popular than President Obama. By contrast, Obama’s most recent approval rating from Gallup was 48%. This is particularly striking given that the NRA has faced unrelentingly hostile treatment from most press and pundits, while President Obama has received treatment that is, to put it mildly, far more generous.

Even left-Democrat Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota says he’s unsure about whether he’d support an assault weapon ban. This is, I presume, because he fears that even a blue state like Minnesota doesn’t want more restrictive gun laws, and that a different position will hurt him in the coming election.

In other words, it seems likely that this Washington Post claim is right: That the NRA is actually winning.

How can that be? Simple enough. The NRA more closely reflects the views of most Americans on gun issues than do Democratic pundits — or Barack Obama.

Somebody’s out of the mainstream, all right. It’s just not the gun-rights supporters

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One Response to Out of touch. Out of their minds.

  1. PhoneGuy says:

    This is a concerted effort by the main street media and the liberal establishment to demonize the NRA and those who would oppose the liberal agenda. This is not news to any of us who actually employ reasonable thought. However, we cannot simply brush aside these attempts by the left by thinking that “no rational person would…” because we’ve seen the death of rational thought in this country with the election and then re-election of an inexperienced, inept politician to the highest office in the U.S.

    People do not make their decisions based on rational thought anymore. Their decisions are based on emotions upon which the left gleefully feeds. How many ineffective laws have been passed (usually with someone’s name attached to them) based on tragedy and the emotions of the moment. Matty’s law against drunk driving because Matty was killed by a drunk driver who, byt the way, was on his 10th drunk driving offense in a state with “tough drunk driving laws”.

    A recent trend I see in blog and article comment threads is the inclusion of “preppers” into groups that are reviled and dangerous. (“Oh, those douche bag republicrats, tea-baggers, preppers…”) The left has decided that “preppers” are a threat – for some reason – and a campaign has started similar to “tea-baggers” that will minimilize those that prepare for disasters – natural or man-made. As firearms are a part of this preparation, you will soon see some recluse hold up in a mountain cave with 100 firearms as the left’s poster boy for “preppers”.

    Until we learn to fight back in this war of proproganda and stop assuming that “no one in their right mind would listen to…”, we are doomed to being led by those who choose emotions over rational thought as a means for decision making and law making.