The Orwellian Named Affordable Care Act

Some health care premiums to triple?! So says Forbes.

A California insurance broker, who sells health plans to individuals and small businesses, told me that she’s prepping her clients for a sticker shock. Her local carriers are hinting to her that premiums may triple this fall, when the plans unveil how they’ll billet the full brunt of Obamacare’s new regulations and mandates.

California is hardly alone. Around the country, insurers are fixing to raise rates by double digits. They’re privately briefing politicians in Washington on what’s in store. Those briefings are leaving a lot of folks up and down Pennsylvania Avenue jumpy.

What’s gives? President Obama, after all, said he’d prevent these sorts of prices. His new health law gave state regulators the power to block premium increases. It even created a federal agency to oversee insurance rates. But these bureaucrats are spectators to the price hikes. They’re mere wallflowers. Even in the bluest of states.

Their silence is the best evidence of who is culpable for the increases. It’s the policymakers. It’s Obamacare. The President is accepting the premium hikes as an allowable consequence of his healthcare policies.

The market won’t support these prices. Coming up next: shortage and rationing.

In the meantime, enjoy this.

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3 Responses to The Orwellian Named Affordable Care Act

  1. Matt says:

    But . . . can’t we pass a law requiring the premiums to be lowered, and specifically exempt the consequences of those lowered premiums from the fundamental laws of economics?