A lawmaker proposes a law to require parents to notify school if they own guns…

In Missouri, a legislature has a bright idea. De facto gun registration via public schools.

Ever since the horrific school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, gun control has been a hot topic. Now comes word of a Missouri lawmaker who wants any parent who owns guns to notify their child’s school.

The lawmaker says she hopes the already filed bill will bring awareness to schools and to parents about keeping their guns locked up.

It’s the next idea in a long list of proposed ideas for gun control, making it mandatory for parents to notify their child’s school about their gun supply.

Both houses of the Missouri legislature are under GOP control so it is unlikely this will see the light of day. It is, however, instructive to see how these people think.

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2 Responses to A lawmaker proposes a law to require parents to notify school if they own guns…

  1. vanagram says:

    So rise the ranks of private and charter schools. My kids go to a private catholic school and would love to see the reaction if something like this passed around here.

    I envision the response to be: “Proudly clinging to both my guns and religion” or “Bibles and Berettas”.

    Maybe everyone should take the RD Walker -No-Gun’s-Doc approach and just say “no guns”. What’s the penalty for lying to a school district? They expel your kid?

    But seriously, how would a school district action this information? Frisk the kids whose parents own guns? If we’re going to trample personal freedoms, I’d just as soon pass a law whereby every kid on any mind altering prescription drug (from Ritalin to Thorazine and everything in between) be required to wear bright orange shirt.