Obama’s supporters rate him best president in history

Some reasons given:

“Mostly for bringing the country together.”
“He got us out of debt.”
“Everything he said we would do, he did.”

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10 Responses to Obama’s supporters rate him best president in history

  1. Matt says:

    What impressed me most was the high level of specificity with which these Mensa members were able to defend their claims of Obama’s greatness. Other illuminating questions for this distinguished group of intelligentsia would have been, “can you name five other presidents” or “what is your current employment situation?”

  2. James says:

    This looks like the inauguration crowd in DC, so they are biased.
    But it does demonstrate populism, where an uneducated lower class with the impression they will be better off, support dictatorships. This has been a common theme in Latin America, and is how republics end in tyranny.

    These United States founders were well aware of this danger, as it was discussed by Madison in Federalist Paper #10. The passion of the people of the moment. The solution was our elected republic.

    The ancient Roman Republic became a dictatorship aided by Julius Caesar’s appealing to popular support of the masses via the games.

  3. hn says:

    These people are really delusional.

  4. Ray Davies says:

    Folks, these are known as “Uninformed”. We shouldn’t refer to them as delusioned. Remember we should refrain from harsh judgments against our fellow man, Just because he/she happens to be dumber than hammered cow shit, don’t mean a thing.

  5. PhoneGuy says:

    This does not surprise me at all. After all, the man was re-elected. It had to be because of people like this.

  6. dukkaA says:

    White House and the Deb Wasserman? are loving this…and taking lots of notes for Hillary’s election in 2016. It will happen.

  7. Geneva says:

    My first inclination is to laugh, but there is nothing funny about unformed voters or blind dumb loyalty for the wrong reasons. I hate to be rude, but the phrase “Stupid and Proud” come to mind. The sad thing is that their numbers are so many we will all suffer for their stupidity!

  8. Geneva says:

    Anything you subsidize grows. This is want happens when you subsidize ignorance, hate, prejudice and stupidity.