We’ve Come To This

Vomit alert.

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12 Responses to We’ve Come To This

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    At some point in an enlightened future, we will look back at videos like this with the same deep revulsion with which we look at this…


  2. A Guy says:

    amazingly disgusting video.

  3. Rockheim says:

    So then.. this has to be a joke right? A scam? A fabrication like those Brady Gun Violence posters talking about how rape only lasts for a little while yet killing another human will haunt you forever.. A hoax right?

    And if not.. Did the Abortion crowd just create an ad that sets up a sexual liason to first create a child then celebrate the murder of the unborn?

    • Rockheim says:

      And EVEN more interesting is that while celebrating abortion is it just me or did they not just get a black man to pimp it all out? Has nobody in the black community ever read what Margaret Sanger and her entire vision for society and planned parenthood was for?

  4. notamobster says:

    We are so screwed, as a society. God save us.

    • Jim22 says:

      God will not save an evil society. He will save those who oppose evil but it will likely be only in the afterlife.

  5. DarthJay says:

    It would have been a more appropriate commercial if somebody was in the background throwing babies in the fire…

    • notamobster says:

      Ouch. True… but, ouch.

      Rock – yeah, they got a black man to pimp out baby killing in the name of consequence-free sex. What a sick & twisted world, that not only does this happen – but, the target audience doesn’t have a clue that they’re being targeted.

  6. Matt says:

    I don’t see how this is any less abhorrent than say, a lighthearted video about the children at Sandy Hook being gunned down. Absolutely disgusting.

  7. Jim22 says:

    Whiskey, a rose, fireplace, and a bearskin rug. Add in a wanna-be Barry White voice and you have the setting for a fetus-making seduction.

    Then you kill it.

    • RUDE JUDE says:

      That’s it. I’m becoming a hermit. Seriously? I for one did NOT need or want to see that. But now that I have, why the HELL should I give up my gun rights to protect myself when these innocent babies cannot defend themselves and do not have anyone to defend them? Sandy Hook was a hoax too gawd dammit!!!!!

  8. dukkaA says:

    I suspect someones attempt in the pro-choice movement to stir up the pro-lifers into “Alex Jones” rant? Is this a Saul Alinsky attempted tactic…to bring the a negative response from the Pro-Life movement? Eitherway it’s horrible and this douche bag involved in making it should suffer the same pain as a metal rod to the back of the head.