City of Boston employed anti-crime advocate engages in gun crime

So. How are those heavy handed gun laws working in Massachusetts?

Boston is moving to fire the anti-crime advocate who prosecutors say was handling an illegal high-capacity firearm moments before his girlfriend was shot in the head.

City street worker Jeremy Harrison, 28, pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges of possessing a large-capacity firearm, a firearm with a defaced serial number, a firearm without a federal identification card, and ammunition without a federal identification card, and improper storage of a firearm in the presence of a minor.

People will be in possession of guns regardless of the law. Period. No regulation will change that. This situation proves that. No additional law will keep guns out of the hands of people like Jeremy Harrison.

The only logical option to eliminate gun crime is to, somehow, eliminate all the guns. That will require the repeal of the 2nd Amendment and the confiscation of every gun in America. If that is the approach gun control advocates want to take, they should say so. No law that simply prohibits possession of firearms will ever prevent the Jeremy Harrisons of the world from possessing guns. Only confiscation and elimination will prevent it. Any gun control advocate calling for less than this is simply ignoring reality. They should have the courage of their convictions and advocate the only viable “solution”: repeal, confiscation, elimination.

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5 Responses to City of Boston employed anti-crime advocate engages in gun crime

  1. notamobster says:

    What the heck is a federal ammunition ID card?

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    Googled it…

    Massachusetts requires gun and ammunition purchasers to display a firearm identification card (referred to as a “FID”) when buying ammunition and prohibits anyone who does not have a card from possessing ammunition (Mass. Gen. L. ch. 140§ 129C). There are two types of FIDs class A cards for large firing capacity guns and their corresponding ammunition purchases, and class B cards for smaller capacity firearms and ammunition. Class A FIDs are available only to applicants over age 21 who may legally buy ammunition under federal law. Class B FIDs are available to applicants over age 18 who may legally buy ammunition under federal law (Mass. Gen. L. ch. 140 § 129B).

    Anyone wanting a FOID card must apply to the appropriate licensing authority (generally, the police chief) and submit documentation that he or she received the basic firearms safety certificate required by law. The applicant must submit to fingerprinting and undergo state and national criminal history record checks. Within 40 days from the date of the application, the licensing authority must issue the FOID unless the applicant is prohibited from buying firearms or ammunition (Mass Gen L. ch. 140 § 129B).

    This would be the state that boasts the Liberty Tree, Samuel Adams, the Boston Tea Party, the Sons of Liberty and the men who killed British soldiers who came to seize their arms and ammunition at Concord.

  3. Tony says:

    Here is one from Illinois. A State representative is caught boarding a plane headed for D.C. with a loaded .25 Beretta.

    The Huffington fails to mention Trotter has co-sponsored 31 anti gun bills.

  4. PhoneGuy says:

    Just another case of a reporter not taking the time to verify the facts. FID stands for Firearms Identification. It is a term that was originally used prior to this horrendous Mass. General Law 140. Now you must apply for an FID if you want to own a firearm (non-handgun) or want to buy pepper spray (that’s right). If you want to purchase a handgun, you need to apply for a Class B or Class A License to Carry (LTC). Ironically, the main difference between a class A and class B was the size of the magazine (15 or less for Class B). Within the Class A you can apply for further classification for concealed carry (protection of life and property) or non-concealed (target shooting, hunting). Sounding complicated yet? Get’s worse.

    Whether you get to excercise your constitutional right to own a firearm is dependent on whether the Chief of Police in your town/city thinks you should. No checklist to work from. Simply arbitrary. When the law was signed, some chiefs even said that no LTCs would be issued in their town. After lawsuits started being brought by citizens (with the help of the Gun Owners Action League-GOAL of Massachusetts) some backed off from this approach.

    Now there are politicians who want to move to tighter controls here including requiring gun owners to carry liability insurance and authorizing insurance companies to conduct inspections (at any time) of your premises to ensure that guns are locked in safes.

    God save us from the idiots of the world…