I Give Up


I just do.  I give up trying have logical, rational conversations with people who refuse to do the same.  I was discussing “gun control”  with a parent on my daughter’s swim team.  You just can’t break through the emotional stranglehold these people have about guns (and more so the absurd “ban” on select kinds of guns or a arbitrary amount of bullets as a solution).  What we need is a “people ban” not a gun ban.  That, or as much as it pains my libertarian soul, a license to become a parent.

Take this fellow above for example.  Gee, who could have seen this coming?

  • Griego was a “military obsessed loner who enjoyed playing violent video games like Modern Warfare and Grand Theft Auto.”
  • Local residents of the teenager described a lonesome boy who was always wearing camouflage fatigues and admitted to police he had been plagued by suicidal and homicidal thoughts”.
  • “Nehemiah was not registered with the school district so he was thought to be home schooled.”
  • He kill them “because he was ‘annoyed with’ his mother.”

So, we have an under-socialized home-schooled loner obsessed with violent video games, wearing fatigues with anger management and mommy issues.  With unfettered access to legally obtained firearms. But, it’s not his fault, it’s because of a gun.  It’s elementary, my dear Watson.  Speaking of guns…

All you hear in the media is how this guy got his hands on an AR-15.  HOWEVER:

Nehemiah told police the gruesome story of how he killed his mother with a .22-caliber rifle because he was ‘annoyed with’ his mother, and then went on to shoot dead his three younger siblings before taking an AR-15 assault rifle and waiting for hours until his father arrived home so that he could kill him too.

So, let’s do the death toll by gun (it is, after all, the gun’s fault, right?)

–Killed by standard .22 rifle: Four.

–Killed by “assault rife” with high capacity magazine: One.

He also had a couple shotguns.  You can’t legislate morality or parenting.  Thus, the only thing you have left to legislate is an inanimate object.

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One Response to I Give Up

  1. BigJimTX says:

    I think we can give him a pass on killing his parents. They did name him “Nehemiah” after all. I can’t believe he killed his siblings though. Maybe they helped with name selection.

    We should ban naming children.

    Maybe there should be a ban on any names that do not occur in the Bible.

    Yeah, that’ll work.