Holy Crap! Think Boycotts Don’t Work?



NRA boycott kills nation’s largest outdoors show…

A massive boycott backed by the NRA and outdoorsmen and women outraged that the nation’s largest outdoors show banned the exhibition of assault weapons has caused the show’s organizers to abruptly cancel the week-long event in Harrisburg, Pa.

The successful boycott, started by the website mynortheastoutdoors.com, was the biggest demonstration of support by the outdoors industry yet against gun control efforts being pushed in Washington and in several states.

“Reed Exhibitions has decided to postpone, for now, the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show given the controversy surrounding its decision to limit the sale or display of modern sporting rifles (also called ARs) at the event. The show was scheduled to take place February 2-10 in Harrisburg, Pa.,” the organizer said in a statement Thursday.

I support free markets. I also support people correcting merchants when the merchants don’t support their rights!

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7 Responses to Holy Crap! Think Boycotts Don’t Work?

  1. Greg B says:

    I suspect CTD is feeling the pinch too.

  2. Rockheim says:

    Well it would seem that they shot off …. prematurely..

  3. Greg B says:

    You guys are terrible.

  4. Matt says:

    Reed’s deserved it, given their flaccid response to the anti-gun crowd.

  5. Rich says:

    Please fill in the blanks:

    Falling in line with statist stupidity with a consumer base of smarter and more constitutionally knowledgable freedom loving customers than you are is an idea that is plain pure dog _ _ _ _ .

    Being a liberal sheep in conservative wolves clothing which has been fleecing conservatives for years but when in a situation of pressure resorts to your first love – liberalism … , we the conservative sheep say. “FUCK YOU”!