The seeds of nullification?

Coast to coast, a growing number of sheriffs are saying they won’t enforce federal gun laws.

From Florida to California, a growing number of the nation’s sheriffs are standing up to gun control measures proposed by both the administration and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.).

Many law enforcement officials have written letters to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden voicing their concerns over what they believe is an effort to infringe upon the Second Amendment.

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8 Responses to The seeds of nullification?

  1. Rockheim says:

    I’m told that the ATF will simply roll in and arrest these people.. or kill them.. for refusing to uphold the legal Federal laws that were passed.. That this is all just pandering blather and that the only people who will refuse are the Randy Weaver/David Koresh types..

    I’m just curious how anyone can so misread a situation?

    • notamobster says:

      I’m telling you, my theory on force is solid. Liberals see human nature as a matter of force & external pressures applied to cause certain behaviors. To them, people genuinely are sheep who need to be prodded along.

      They are incapable of recognizing any behavior which doesn’t fit that worldview.

  2. Rich says:

    Just as in the old west movies, sheriffs can deputize us bitter clingers. And then the ATF has an entirely different game to play.

  3. Doc says:

    If it came to this, I doubt very highly that local, or even state level law enforcement officers would have ANYTHING to do with it. I was concerned with this also. I spoke to a Professor @ Yavapai County College (Prescott, AZ.) for his opinion, & he gave me a very real, & very disconcerting one. He feels that Local L.E.O.’s would in fact be QUARANTEENED by federal agents, & that United Nations Peacekeepers would be employeed to handle this subvertion of Our Constitutional Rights. He stated that if you look at this type of action taken by tyranical regiemes in recent history, that’s exactly what’s happened. I’ll bet before this whole mess is over, MOST Local Law Enforcement officials will let the regieme know that they won’t be participating in the federal gubmint’s ILLEGAL activities. Which, if you think about it, will suit barry & th’ rest of his “choom gang” just fine…

    • R.D. Walker says:

      I have a long fuse and would suffer all manner of loss of liberty and tyrannical deprivations before I would go to war in my own land. It is almost unimaginable. I am not easily roused.

      That said, the quarantine of local law enforcement and first sight of a foreign national blue-helmet oppressing my countrymen, however, and all reservation would disappear. The dogs of war would slip. I suspect there are many like me.

      • Rockheim says:

        See.. that becomes a massive game changer for a LOT of people. It’s no longer you fighting against your countrymen who may simply be misguided, coerced, bullied, etc.. This is now an invasion of foreign troops and I highly doubt that even the most reserved of us would suffer such things to pass.
        And “the UN” is a large who the hell will you get to do it? question. Think the French will want to tangle with armed Americans? Think the British will be on board there? It would have to be a force of the most self deluded, ignorant, uninformed and ultimately psychotically brave soldiers on the planet. Who’s going to come? The Chinese? Arab nationals? Do you really want to add fuel to THAT fire?

        That’s one of those plans that, like so many others, sounds pretty solid in your head.. But once you actually say it out loud.. Well that’s a different story altogether.

        That would be a COLOSSAL cock up of epic order.. Which leads me to think it is the EXACT kind of plan the leftists would try to come up with.

        • notamobster says:

          Only a fool would bring in foreigners to disarm Americans. It’d be a bloodbath. Everyone with a blue helmet would be fair game, along with those who brought them here.

          Complete cluster-maneuver? Check.
          Ill-advised? Check.
          Loaded with unintended consequence?Check.
          Paid for by other people? Check.

          Sounds like a leftist plan to me.

          • Doc says:

            Well, this is just one educated man’s hypothesis. R.D. makes a great point in that Most L.E.O.’s would tell feds/politicians/their commanders/ who would order such an action to F.O.A.D.! I believe disarmament is obama’s/reid’s/maybe even boehner’s ultimate goal. But they know that they must do it in little incriments…or anarchy will result…this hypothesis may be the final move…on down th’ road. As it stands right now, Sen. Feinstein’s legislation will turn MOST LAWFULLY ARMED AMERICANS into FELONS. We don’t have “Registry” here in Arizona, & I won’t participate in it if it becomes law. Aaron Tippin sed it well…”Ya’ Got ta’ Stand fer sumthin’ or you’ll fall fer ANYTHANG!”