Adam Lanza used the rifle…

You either accept that or you implicate Lt. J. Paul Vance as part of a dark conspiracy.

Lt. J. Paul Vance, the face of an ongoing Connecticut State Police investigation into worst grade-school shooting in U.S. history, Thursday debunked media and Internet reports that Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza killed his victims with handguns and not the Bushmaster XM-15 E2S rifle that is now the focus of a proposed federal assault-weapons ban.

All 26 of Lanza’s victims were shot with the .223-caliber semi-automatic rifle, said Vance, who bristled at claims to the contrary during an interview with Hearst Connecticut Newspapers.

The state police went so far as a to issue a news release on Jan. 18 listing the weapons recovered from inside the school, which included the Bushmaster, a Glock 10mm handgun and a Sig-Sauer P226 9mm handgun. An Izhmash Canta-12 12-gauge shotgun was taken from the trunk of the suspect’s car.

Let’s keep the Revo in the real world.

That said, here is your math homework. We are changing a variable.

Remove the Bushmaster from the equation and send Lanza into the school armed only with the two standard-capacity semi-auto pistols he carried. How many fewer children does he kill?

Show your work.

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9 Responses to Adam Lanza used the rifle…

  1. BigJimTX says:

    I never realized he had a saiga. I was kinda hoping they would stay underground. They are way better than the street sweepers that were banned in the 90s.

  2. Rockheim says:

    Just the Pistols? Well.. how did the Virginia tech shooter do? If I’m not mistaken he only had pistols and a backpack full of magazines.
    The Ft. Hood shooter had a single pistol.. The FN 5.7.. He seemed to get quite a few of his victims..
    There’s also the Victims to consider.
    The VA Tech shooter was going up against healthy college students who would be the type to “disarm” a shooter as he reloaded.. or so the Leftists tell us is the real and only proper response.
    The Ft. Hood shooter was on a military base shooting at trained members of the military. The same flawed leftist logic applies.. He should have been taken down while reloading.
    However in Ct.. 6 year old children will not stand up to anyone. They can’t. Which leaves you facing one or two adults maximum at any one time. Had the shooter had a double barreled, break barrel shotgun his body count wouldn’t have been much different.
    Which brings up the other point..
    The perfectly legal shotgun. If the authorities and talking heads thought that the Sandy Hook crime scene was horrific after the shooter went through with a .223 rifle.. They have no idea what kind of horror show would have awaited them had he gone through with the 12g.
    It makes no difference to the children that were murdered or their families but to those of us having this discussion and the idiot politicians trying to pass laws it should be discussed. In that environment.. Closed classrooms. Innocent children. The ME and cops removed bodies at Sandy Hook. Had the shooter brought in the 12g they would have gone in with shovels and sponges and the bodies would have been seperated and turned over to the funeral homes by weight.
    And that is one of the dangers of stupid people with no knowledge of the subject passing stupid laws that do nothing to keep anyone safe. And it’s one of the most infuriating things I come across having this discussion with people who are willfully ignorant and ranting and railing against gun rights advocates.

  3. fubar says:

    What difference does it make ? //

    the floodgates are opened:

    MI lawmaker trying to get a bill passed that parents need to inform schools if they have guns in the house,

    TN school wants to prohibit parents from visiting their kids while in school – or limits them to 2x in a 9week period, reason: FOR SAFETY. (personally, i’ve never visited any of my kids while in school, but some parents like to volunteer or bring cupcakes,etc)

    Someone suggested installing in schools – a system that releases a non toxic smokescreen in hallways, because it would disorient a shooter (but not panic a bunch of 6 and 7 yr olds )


    • notamobster says:

      After 9/11, two of the common sense (really) responses were to harden cockpit/box office doors & allow pilots to carry a gun.

      We could harden (reinforce/barricade) classroom doors, but what about recess? Allowing teachers to carry remains the best option.

      • Doc says:

        nota-I could not agree with you more. I have a 10 year old Son in public school…most of the teachers in his school are obama supporters. HOWEVER…and I’ve met most of the teachers in his school, from K thru 5th grades…there’s 2 that wouldn’t carry if they were offerred the choice.

        …HIS teacher is only like…4’10” tall…but he SWEARS she mutates into a GRIZZLY BEAR when she gets annoyed…

  4. Doc says:

    So, as I recall, the initial reports that I heard stated that the Bushmaster was located in the TRUNK of the Honda Lanza used to get himself (& another?) to the school. The same report stated that the shotgun & pistols were used in the actual shooting.

    BUT…to get to the question @ hand; since there are several models of the Glock 10mm, all holding different ammo capacities, from 6 to 33 rounds, that information would be pertinate in order to answer the question. The Sig can hold up to 20 rounds of 9X19 Para. The shotgun, assuming Lanza used the 10round “box” magazine, & not a “drum” would give a tenative answer of 30 rounds of ammo…so far…

  5. xenicalman says:

    I would hope that asshole gets out of the US as fast as the Limeys got out of Dunkirk

  6. notamobster says:

    2(Glock 9mm) x 15R = 30R

    Where R is 15, Multiply R by 10M where M = magazine.



    For each class X = 26 where Y equals Teacher

    Y = 1 (+1) < --- Teacher's Aide X+Y+(+1) = 28 dead


    To solve equation where shooter is “T”:

    T + 150R / 2A* = (- 28dead), sum total is 1 dead “T”.

    Where *2A = Administrator armed per the 2nd Amendment


    Class Dismissed!