I Am Skeptical Until There Is More Confirmation

The intertoobs have been inundated during the last week or so with a story about President Obama allegedly weeding out senior military officers who will not fire on American citizens. The Examiner had an article about this on January 22. Moonbattery also reported it. Now I find that Trevor Loudon in his New Zeal blog is supporting it. He says he thinks it’s credible and backs it up with this long, amateurish video:

The stories all cite one source only – the Facebook post of a person named Jim Garrow.

jim garrow

He’s supposedly been honored by having been nominated for a Nobel prize but since the Nobel committee awarded one to Barack Obama for doing nothing I find that to be faint praise. The committee seems to have been taken over by far-left activists.

Garrow cites a nameless source. That makes me suspicious. No one else is confirming his allegations. That makes me doubly suspicious. With no more that this I’ll call this an attempt by Garrow to generate his fifteen minutes of fame.

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21 Responses to I Am Skeptical Until There Is More Confirmation

  1. Rockheim says:

    While it is an interesting story and the source seems to be, at least on his face, mildly credible.. I see several ways this could shake out. And none of it is good for the Leftist asking the question..

    “Would you fire on American citizens if you had to?”

    “Yes sir. Of course I would. I swore an oath to obey the orders of my Commanders amoung other things.”

    “Excellent. I want you to start by taking your troops.. door to door.. to disarm the lawbreakers there who are refusing to turn over their arms or register them.. You will use any level of force, including lethal force to get this done.”

    “You’re sure about this sir?”

    “Absolutely. Carry out your orders. Follow your oath.”

    //Unholsters sidearm. Places single round into the side of the leftists head.

    “Follow orders.. amoung other things.. Chief among them was to defend the Constitution against all enemies. Foreign.. and Domestic.”

    It’s another one of those plans that sounds great until you actually say it out loud and realize ALL of the implications of the questions you’re asking.

    • xenicalman says:

      I have absolutely no doubt that officers are being culled for their refusal to shoot us.
      I have reservations about large scale civil disobedience and how the military and police would respond.
      There is evidence to suggest that the military and police would in fact fire upon and arrest fellow citizens. It has happened before.
      There is a shame attached to Gen. Douglas MacArthur and George S. Patton that nobody ever seems to talk about and yet those 2 military leaders are still held in high esteem.
      In 1932 about 40,000 WWI veterans and their families marched on the white house to demand payment for a war bonus. President Hoover ordered the police and Gen.Douglas MacArthur to take the army and put down the march. Patton brought 6 tanks.
      The Army and police opened fire on the marchers killing 4 and wounding over 1,000 marchers. Right after the veterans were attacked Hoover ordered MacArthur to stop the attack. MacArthur ignored the order and continued to attack eventually dispersing the Veterans and their families.
      Just think about that for a minute. Our own troops attacked unarmed and defenseless Veterans, women and children. Fellow brother warriors killing fellow unarmed brother warriors.
      I’ll bet fewer than 1% of those who post here know of this atrocity.

      • R.D. Walker says:

        I was just reading about that. I think it would be a lot harder to get away with that sort of thing today. Cameras are everywhere and the Internet makes everyone a reporter. In the early 30s, only a compliant media was present.

        • notamobster says:

          I know about it. It’s one of many black eyes on America’s history. No less or more shameful than interning Japanese Americans. No less or more than the trail of tears.

          You guys should read about Gen Smedley Butler. “The Plot To Seize The White House” gives some good history of hat era. Gen Butler was a Marine who turned out to not like our government a whole lot because of the manner in which he and his fellow Marines were employed.

          It would indeed be harder to get away with these things today. It wouldn’t be impossible, since the government has absolute control over the internet in times of crisis, but it would be harder.

          It’s a tough situation. I don’t doubt that the Marxist-in-chief would require such loyalty tests, but I don’t believe that he is overtly waging this campaign, at this time.

          • R.D. Walker says:

            He still believes he can be remembered by history as a “great president”. He isn’t going to jeopardize that with overtly tyrannical acts… yet.

            • notamobster says:

              I agree, for now…

            • xenicalman says:

              Tyrants think that they are great leaders. It is part of their perverse mind set along with paranoia and the inability to tolerate dissent. I think that kind of describes the pugnacious twit-in-chief.

          • notamobster says:

            Oh, by the way, “The Examiner” should not be cited as a proper source without verifying the information provided.

            It may seem like a legitimate site for news, but it’s just a blog. Writers are responsible for their own content. They are not held to any standard other than that which they impose upon themselves.

            We at the Revo aren’t either, but we choose to hold ourselves to a higher standard. The Examiner allows writers to post their content and get paid off of the ad revenue generated per article. It’s a clever platform. Win-win for all involved, but not held to any standard other than that which the writers impose upon themselves.

            • Jim22 says:

              Yeah, the Examiner and Moonbattery. But the story has gotten much wider coverage than those. It seems that pro-constitution people want to believe it.

              Other that fifteen minutes of fame I wonder why this Garrow did this. Reading what I can about him it seems like he is to the left of center. That’s what makes me wonder about his motives.

              I have no doubt that the revolutionary in chief would like to see some gun owners initiate violence so he could point at it and say, “See? We need stricter laws and enforcement”. If that’s true it makes sense for the left to do everything they can to incite that violence.

      • BigJimTX says:

        The Bonus March. The Veterans involved there were just trying to get the money promised them by the govt. It wasn’t yet due to them but they were all hurting because of the Depression. Our govt killed those men after they served their country. Why would anybody expect different now?

        For example, David Koresh was not a child molester. He was attacked by the ATF over a $200 tax. The ATF killed everybody there for $200. Now Feinstein wants us all to register for the EXACT SAME $200 tax. What happens when you don’t pay? We’ve seen this story before.

      • messup says:

        IED’s will seriously disable any tank… has been amply demostrated in All middle eastern theaters of operation.
        Troop operations and subsequent disarming of american citizens (once placed in action) would immediately be met with citizens opposed to any form of tyranny.
        It is inconceivable to think that some 410 million armed americans cannot defeat a million or so military, jack-booted, a**hole Obama supporting General’s. Yes, They cleared out all “campers” in the “bond” fiasco…those vets weren’t ready for what came. We The People in 2013 know what’s coming…and We The People are ready.Pray. Amen. One was revindication, the other is out-and-out tyranny.

  2. Ray Davies says:

    As I remember anyone can be nominated for the Nobel Prize, Jim, want me to nominate you?

    • Jim22 says:

      No. Please do not. I could not win and it would hurt my credibility in conservative/libertarian circles.

      Credibility… what makes me think I have that? I’m just an average guy – older than most – sharing my views. The internet is chock full of those.

      • Ray Davies says:

        Yeah Jim, we ain’t gettin better, we’re just gettin older. I just wonder how in the hell I’ve made it this far. Getting old hurts like a bitch

  3. Roy Ryder says:

    I am not very concerned about the US military firing on civilians. It has happened and likely will happen again (Kent State being the most recent I can think of but those were hippies and therefore OK by me). I’m far more concerned with the paramilitary branches of law enforcement that are directly under the control of the executive branch and do not have the same history of professionalism and patriotism that our military does. In the Soviet Union, the Border Guards and special KGB units were used for internal suppression because they were not the military, just armed like them. As we know from reading here, the federal government has recently purchased thousands of actual assault rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition. I’m not suggesting that the FBI or the ATF are flying squads of jackbooted goons just waiting to be turned loose on unsuspecting nuns and orphans, but the potential for abuse by elected leaders and entrenched sympathetic beaurocrats does exist. That’s why an independent media is so important. Too bad we don’t have one anymore.

    • Uke says:

      That I agree with. I’m far more worried about DHS, BATFE and other such organizations being used to do the dirty work. Not that they’re more competent, just that they’d be well-armed and far less likely to resist unlawful orders.

      I don’t know why I suspect that exactly, but something in my gut simply tells me to be more wary of a bureaucrat with a badge and a gun than our military.

    • notamobster says:

      Billions. BILLIONS OF ROUNDS. Not millions.

    • BigJimTX says:

      The BATFE has been the weapon of choice against the citizenry. It will happen again. Now they have drones and assault vehicles, not to mention a bunch of high magazine assault clips. Seems kinda funny for a bunch of tax collectors within the Department of the Treasury, doesn’t it?

      The BATFE is a bunch of jackbooted thugs with no limit on power due to the absence of checks and balances. The worst part is that the men on the ground think that they are serving a noble purpose.

  4. messup says:

    This is a definite FACT!!!
    We The Elite People of culture of corruption in Washington DC are literally shivering, quaking in their boots…they know they’re treading on We The People AND We The People will not stand for this tyranny.
    Was tried for some 100 years in our colonies and we’re for damn sure not going back to that crappy living standard again…was the “guild system” with chains.
    We The People WILL resist. Obama knows this! He’s lining up those military who will be loyal to him and his administration (looks like the LGBT’ers and “combat ready” female recruits).
    We The People will have ALL military on We The Peoples side for the simple main reason…THEY TOOK AN OATH TO DEFEND THE USA’s CONSTITUTION!!!!! We The People are also defending the USA’s CONSTITUTION…looks to We The People like a pretty simple equation! a+b=c (USAConstitution)Pray. Amen.