Hee hee. Gun Collectors Hijack Seattle Gun Buyback Program

This is something to be remembered.

seattle gun buyback

Police officers in Seattle, Washington held their first gun buyback program in 20 years this weekend, underneath interstate 5, and soon found that private gun collectors were working the large crowd as little makeshift gun shows began dotting the parking lot and sidewalks. Some even had β€œcash for guns” signs prominently displayed.Gun Buyback Goes Bad

Police stood in awe as gun enthusiasts and collectors waved wads of cash for the guns being held by those standing in line for the buyback program.

People that had arrived to trade in their weapons for $100 or $200 BuyBack gift cards($100 for handguns, shotguns and rifles, and $200 for assault weapons) soon realized that gun collectors were there and paying top dollar for collectible firearms. So, as the line for the chump cards got longer and longer people began to jump ship and head over to the dealers.”

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54 Responses to Hee hee. Gun Collectors Hijack Seattle Gun Buyback Program

  1. Uke says:

    That is bar-none one of the best stories I’ve heard of in a long time.

    Hey, the cops entered into a commercial exchange, right? If they want to offer several thousand for top of the line firearms, fine. But they shouldn’t expect anyone with half a brain to trade a weapon for $100-200 that they could easily sell for ten times that. Free market competition, right?? πŸ˜€

  2. BigJimTX says:

    Sounds like a bigger loophole than the supposed “gun-show loophole.” That’s good stuff there.

    • BigD says:

      Actually, it’s a perfect example of what is referred to as the gun show loophole. Private sales don’t require a background check. People can go to gun shows with their personal weapons and sell them without the required background check that all dealers perform. However, vendors of the gun shows are still required to run a background check. It’s just another example of the press/liberal tenancy to use misleading terminology in an attempt to demonize something they don’t like.

      • BigJimTX says:

        Agreed. But, what would you say are the percentages of people that privately sell firearms compared to dealer sold firearms? Every time I go to the gun show, there are a couple of guys with flags in their barrels, but mostly it’s tons of dealers. Private sales don’t occur at booths, they occur randomly and (imho) not often enough.

      • SOF says:

        I have to disagree. It’s not an example of a “loophole” with all the officers present, do you think MS13 showed up offering to buy their guns? No, didn’t happen. Did you see LA Kings, or Cryps out there? nope, didn’t happen. Just ordinary,law-abiding citizens trading,and buying firearms, with the police present.no loopholes there, the only loop holes that exist, are law enforcement loop holes. Police officers do not have to submit to background checks, they give their badge number and they’re approved instantly…yet, law enforcement of all types have more assault charges and domestic violence charges than the general public. The officers decide which law they want to uphold and on what days. The officials decide who can and can’t have what,yet they’re more crooked than the criminal breaking into your house.

        • notamobster says:

          Okay – what a load of crap. Say what you want, but you’re not going to just run down my brother officers without offering any qualification or substantiation.

          You’re free to believe as you see fit, but I’m free to say that you’re full of shit.

  3. RUDE JUDE says:

    Maybe someday, the government will finally realize that the average citizen is just a tad smart and can figure out things on our own.

  4. Greg B says:

    Umm, hey, Seattle PD, you’re doing it wrong.

    This should happen everywhere.

  5. RJM says:

    Last week I was at one of the large chain sporting goods store that sell firearms, a young guy had a S&W .44 mag revolver that he wanted to trade in for a Walther semi-auto .40 S&W.

    They were only giving him $300 trade for it!

    I screwed up! I would have given him $350 for it.

    My only excuse for being stupid was my visualation of previously having one and the recoil that it had. DOH!

    • It is I only says:

      Should have bought it & use it with proper control. Use both hands!

      • floyd says:

        I own a desert eagle.44 mag imi [yes the original] I taught my daughter to use it at 10yo. told her if she was going to learn to shoot she would learn with the strongest handgun in the house, she did and loved it. now at age 25 she tries to claim my bullpup ak and my thompson. she has claimed the eagle as hers. so recoil is only a problem if you let your mind think it is

        • Leonard says:

          The heaviest .44 magnum loads (300 gr or larger bullets) generate only about 20lbs of “felt” recoil energy. If you can handle a bag of potatoes with two hands, you can handle a .44 magnum. Your daughter obviously had a great teacher…

          • notamobster says:

            The issue with recoil is not being “able to handle it”. The problem is staying on target. You can try to be manly all you want, I’ll take .40 any day of the week over a .44mag!

            I am a large framed, very strong, man. I prefer a .40 to even a .45 for less recoil.

            • Uke says:

              In part I agree, but “limp-wristing” the recoil of a mule-kicking handgun is what I’d call in the realm of “not handling it.” Doing that leads to ejection malfunctions, and thus even greater problems than merely not being able to get back on target.

              Floyd’s daughter may have been able to handle a .44 mag, but I bet his daughter is the exception. I’d be inclined to teach a child first to be safe; second, to have fun; third, to “maximize effectiveness.”

              Heavy recoil is fun for some, but it puts off most new shooters. So much so, that they may not ever care to pick up a firearm ever again. I’d be most careful about this phenomenon.

              Everyone does what they feel is best for their child, however.

  6. xenicalman says:

    Why didn’t I think of that !

    In the same vein, try this.
    Buy all of the crap, rusty, broken and inoperable weapons you can get your hands on.
    Turn these into a buyback event. They pay the same for trash as they do for the good stuff.
    Get your cash and go out and do your own “buyback” for a new gun from a gun dealer.
    It works.
    Most liberals running these have no clue.

  7. The Battle in Seattle says:

    Except this article has the facts wrong. The only reason why these people were able to buy guns is that so many people showed up to turn in their weapons that the SPD ran out of gift cards (which is what they were giving away) in less than 2 hours. Most of the people who were there said they did not care how much they were getting for their guns, and a good number of them actually refused to sell to the gun buyers.

  8. ghostmarine says:

    wellllll…it would seem that the “average joe” is not counted out, and will rise to the occasion…from outright defying our elected “representatives” to hijacking a gun buy-back program. we, as the “average joes”/ordinary americans, show our true mettle time and again, when we have had enough. i say, good for the citizens of seattle!! there needs to be more of this kind of disobedience and it needs to happen, like voting in chicago; ‘frequently, early and often’. it has been more than time to ask if anyone wants to send bho and crew packing off to jail in a treasonous cloud of disgrace, and/or impeachment proceedings with that statement ringing in their ears? bet he forgot that old statement regarding chicago-style voting, huh? anyone want to remind them? i know i sure do…semper fi.

  9. Brian says:

    Well, now that all the criminals have turned in their guns we have nothing to worry about.

  10. Nerrad says:

    How much do u think u could get 4a cap gun.. Or one of those s bubble making guns ..the same $$gift cards.?….u know 2keep em out of the hands of children

  11. R.D. Walker says:

    I have several POS guns I have picked up here and there. I have been holding them for 20 years waiting for some fool to offer me cash in some buyback program. They never seem to have them around here, dammit.

  12. Rodney Bleckstyne says:

    ….Up with the US Constitution and Down with Obama!

  13. jimmy4truth says:

    Ha ha, only sheeple willingly turn in their guns. Or criminals who want to unload their stollen guns so they don’t face getting caught with them, instead they get a cash card to go shopping. No questions asked! Here’s your cash; thats how we reward criminals.

  14. Captain Vic Hawsenpepper says:

    ” no one has the authority to disarm a militia man ” per Const., all able men R milita / once the gov., disarms America the rest of the world will also go into concentration camps ! And they realize this.. They are turning us over to the creditors and they creditors are demanding we be disarmed cHina has stated this ! There converting cruise ships to troop carriers look it up ! The rulers five times in history exstinwhished millions of citizens each time they were disarmed in recent history – when the Constitution is threatened you become a “ranger” it was set up by our forefathers just for this instance where the gov no longer represents the majority and 90% polled are for the second ! Other counties don’t treat the debtor very well as in banana republics they jail for debt !
    Other countries are demanding their gold back we have about thirty days before the banks close and they will find a way to disarm us by then ,. While they arm them selves to the teeth How nice of them to be considerate of your families well being ! There focused in this when a million Sandy victims freeze with no utilities stalling for ever to get aid ! When this aid should be immediately allocated !., you think they care about you ? WtfU

  15. Big M says:

    I wonder if these people who are willing to sell their guns to cops realize just how f-ing stupid they are? Don’t they think that cops have enough weapons already? Do they actually believe that they’re going to destroy all of them?

    There’s a very real possibility that one of these idiots will be shot to death with their own gun, when the cops pull one of their terrorist “drug” raids on the wrong address. As somebody once said, nobody ever went broke overestimating the stupidity of the average American.

  16. Poet says:

    How very interesting. A cheap ‘feel good’ offered by parasites sucks those without critical thinking into an ever tightening noose. My God demands that I BE RESPONSIBLE for my life. And everything that I do has repercussins in my life and to those near and dear to me. What dumbed down idiot actually thinks when ‘defense instruments’ are surrendered peace rises like the phoenix? The shear joy of a criminal mind knowing the prey/target is ‘defenseless’ is documented. Those people demanding defenselessness must be criminal minded. We must remember always criminal minds rise from ‘EVIL’. Now is the time to cast your vote that will decide the rest of your life and that of your off spring. Responsible or Defenseless…eyes open, no fear.

  17. GreenLeaf says:

    Remember, Revolution does not cause change…..change causes revolution. Now, the times are changing. Welcome to the revolution. ( Booksbyoliver.com )

  18. Halo says:

    Using our tax dollars to buy back guns! These jerks are stupid, cops in general have a low IQ anyway!!

    • notamobster says:

      Halo – Your assertion about cops having low IQ’s is ridiculous on it’s face.

    • xenicalman says:

      I take umbrage with your asseveration that “cops in general have a low IQ”. That’s pretty insulting. And if you are a frequent poster, you should be aware that an appreciable number of those who wore the badge, patronage this site.

  19. steve b says:

    It doesn’t mean anything. The cops buying the guns means nothing buying a few guns. People paying more for the guns means nothing. Anytime the cops buy the guns people should never sell them a good gun. If they buy the guns just sell them worthless junk. I have a shot gun that I would sell to someone for $50 and if they want to give me $100 I’ll take that. Either way time is passing and the government has FEMA camps and high technology ready for your arse bought and paid for by you.

  20. Rick says:

    Cool! Now druggies, gang bangers and felons will have plenty of cash in pocket!

  21. jarhead says:

    I am a former Marine and a former Police Officer they can have my guns when they pry them from my cold dead bloody hands

  22. C. L. says:

    This Seattle gun buy-back event was the reason I deleted my Amazon.com account. Amazon donated $36,000.00 for this event. I also made sure they knew why I was taking the action.

    I still miss my Amazon account, but I’ll be damned if I ever re-up.

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