Rocky The Flying A##hole

No more Stallone movies for me.


Thanks to Hiswiserangel

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2 Responses to Rocky The Flying A##hole

  1. messup says:

    Anyone seeking to act in Hollyland has to, MUST, first join SAG (Screen Actors Guild) secondly find a really good agent.
    This is the Hollyland circuit. “Sly” Stallone is part and parcel of this humdrum way of working for one of America’s most communist (remember McCarthy hearings and “blacklistings?)unions.
    And it suprises people that his life is a series of “role reversals?”
    How does “Sly” make a “Rambo” series of movies while in his gut hating the very venue making him fortunes of cash? Must be the”show-me-the-money” syndrome in all of Hollyland (actors and agents). “Sly” never was sly enough to pull the wool over most We The People conservative constitutionalists eyes. Pray. Amen. They’re all Progressive New Left Activists.

  2. xenicalman says:

    Yo-Adrian. I talk like this because I’m stoopid.
    Just lost a fan.