Of Burn Barrels And 4473’s

Here’s an idea.

This is a standing invitation to my fellow Americans: If congress ever enacts a law mandating the registration and/or a production ban of detachable magazine semiautomatic rifles then you are hereby invited to the town square of your local community. There, burn barrels will be set up and we will publicly burn Form 4473s, FFL Bound Books, state and local registration records, and the sales receipts for every firearm in the United States. On that same day, FFL holders and public officials holding electronic firearms records will simultaneously erase those records, permanently and irretrievably. (Using special file erasure software such as Blancco, X-Ways, and Stellar Wipe, or though the physical destruction of disk drives.)

Spontaneous Gatherings, Spontaneous Combustion

This burn barrel day–likely to be held the day after the President signs any new draconian legislation–will include speeches, public prayers, and the blessing of those who have gathered by ministers, rabbis, and priests.”

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8 Responses to Of Burn Barrels And 4473’s

  1. Roy Ryder says:

    A good idea. It would require sympathetic people within the beaurocratic system, but I suspect there’s more than a few of those.

  2. xenicalman says:

    I’ll bring the matches and beer to the party

    I like this proactive approach. I’ll bring the matches and beer.

  3. Anynomous says:

    Original post here:

    It should be noticed that the author only approved reprinting this if it is not edited in any way. It has been edited by your website.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      General practice is to quote a small part of of an article and then give a link to the original. In fact, that is generally the rule as to how it must be done under fair use. That is what we have done here and that is how it is done every day across the blogosphere. If the author wants us to delete this post, we will happily do so. Are you the author?

    • notamobster says:

      I agree, sampling and directing the reader to the original content is not only the very intent of Fair Use, but seems to meet the intent of this author.

  4. James Rawles says:

    I have no objection to you posting that excerpt with a link.


    ~Jim Rawles~
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