You can build a coal plant, but it will bankrupt you…

So said Obama.

It turns out that it is a rare promise kept. Obama’s EPA pressed a new coal powered plant into insolvency.

Chase Power, the parent company behind the $3 billion Las Brisas coal power plant in Corpus Christi, Texas, announced yesterday that it was cancelling the project.

“Chase Power … has opted to suspend efforts to further permit the facility and is seeking alternative investors as part of a plan of dissolution for the parent company,” Chase CEO Dave Freysinger told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times.

Freysinger made it very clear who was responsible for the projects death. “The (Las Brisas Energy Center) is a victim of EPA’s concerted effort to stifle solid-fuel energy facilities in the U.S., including EPA’s carbon-permitting requirements and EPA’s New Source Performance Standards for new power plants,” he said.

That was last week. Right on cue there is fresh news this week.

The energy company Duke Energy, which has close ties to President Barack Obama’s administration and is involved with the pro-Obama political operation Organizing for Action, completed two new expansive wind power projects this month in the same region near Corpus Cristi, Texas where a major job-creating coal power project was recently disbanded.

Chase Power announced January 23 that it has canceled construction of its $3 billion Las Brisas coal power plant, which was supposed to be part of the larger Las Brisas Energy Center in the Inner Harbor of Corpus Cristi. The Las Brisas Energy Center, including the coal plant, was projected to create 3,900 new jobs in Texas before its termination.

That’s right Texans, wind power. Don’t worry, wind power may only generate 1/10th as much energy as coal but it does it at ten times the cost so it all balances out, right? Remember, energy costs will “necessarily skyrocket”.

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2 Responses to You can build a coal plant, but it will bankrupt you…

  1. fubar says:

    Coal mining in my area is decreased substantially. 50% of our business (heavy equip repair ) was on mining equipment. About 200 coal fired electric plants are set to shut down within the next 5 yrs mostly in PA, WVA, VA and MD. The only busy coal mines are the union run mines. The ones that haven’t yet filed for bankruptcy, that is. Most of the independents working in anthracite are struggling, as if they weren’t before – all their equip. dates back to 1970’s models, if not earlier.

  2. trebor snoyl says:

    Eventually, that SOB will have us living in yurts and freezing in the dark.