Military Training in Houston

From the looks of the aircraft, it is likely 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne). These guys have been doing this sort of realistic training in civilian areas since the 1980s. This is not new.

I served in an air cavalry unit in the 82nd Airborne and had two buddies go on to serve as pilots in the 160th. My closest friend flew for the 160th for ten years and went on to head aviation for Delta prior to retiring. He is a civilian contractor for the military today. He has been regaling me with stories of these types a training missions for years. They were ongoing through the Clinton and Bush years as well. These are the black helicopters you have heard of.

Now, I get the paranoia. My degree of trust in the federal government is at an all time low and this sort of thing makes me nervous too. It is a sad state of affairs that, as a veteran of Army aviation, a graduate of several SOCOM schools and a member of the American Legion, I am now made nervous by training that I used to support with pride.

Still, everyone should try to relax. This is not new. It is probably just more of the same. Probably.

Hat tip to Burd Dog for the link.

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17 Responses to Military Training in Houston

  1. Flatearther says:

    so what you are saying is they have been training since the 80’s to disarm our population?

  2. Jim22 says:

    How is it that they can fly these little choppers over the city with two armed men hanging out the door without ever dropping anything on the populace below? I don’t know how much damage it would do to an M16, a SAW, or an M60 if one fell from 500 feet up. I’ll bet they would never get it back.

    Even a magazine loaded with blanks could kill someone.

    Who would be responsible?

  3. Jim22 says:

    From Gateway Pundit:

    Obama Administration Repositioning Homeland Security Ammunition Containers

    From the pictures they appear to be eight foot long conexes. They also have an image of an armored vehicle like nothing I have ever seen before. They claim they are FEMA vehicles.

    Has anyone else seen these?

    • fubar says:

      mr fubar is going past the FEMA – MD sight today. I told him to report back on any activity.

      As of 2 weeks ago,
      It WAS being used for storage of many large mobile homes

  4. Flatearther says:

    I wonder if the empty cities in china were built to house our political elite, while the scrum is in play here in the US…. After all they have full blown western malls and everything.

    • notamobster says:

      FE: Those cities were built to increase GDP. They’re elaborate hole-digging/filling jobs. Communists still haven’t learned that a command economy will never work because a central committee will never accurately predict the needs of the market.

  5. Burd Dog says:

    Thanks for posting, R.D. This still seems very odd.

  6. dukkaA says:

    Talk about poor planning but then again do they really care about the public preception? Welcoming the Stasi state one day at a time.

  7. WoodyWoodPecker says:

    You guys are stupid for even being scared . If they come knock on your door offer em a beer .

    They are training to take over a disoraganized group people .
    Now the Kiowas are being used for roof top drop


  8. thebronze says:

    It’s definitely the 160th. They’re the only ones in the mil that operate AH/MH-6’s.

    That would be a fun ass ride!!

    • R.D. Walker says:

      It has been a while since I have known guys in that unit, but 12 or 14 years ago I knew a lot of them and they sure as hell weren’t jack boot thugs. They were Revoista types to the core.

      • notamobster says:

        In more recent times, have known a few SEALs, many Rangers, and two Marine Corps Scout/Snipers (rather well). I won’t disagree with you. They were/are the epitome of The Real Revo spirit of individual liberty and personal responsibility. (Almost every Marine I have ever known embodies the Revo ethos.)

        I’ve only ever met one former Delta operator. He was a mean drunk who liked being left alone and enjoyed the occasional fight with police officers. We weren’t allowed to respond to his address until we had back-up present. πŸ™‚

        All of this, does nothing to assuage the distrust I have of my government – especially the heavy-handed Agents of federal law enforcement. Seeing the local police performing exercises with the military will probably always creep me out.

        • R.D. Walker says:

          Fair enough. I just want people to know that our elite military forces are good guys.

          Now, having said that. As for the rank-and-file lower enlisted from Philadelphia/Cleveland/Detroit? All bets are off. I wouldn’t trust them anymore than anyone else.

        • RJ says:

          ya want to get really creeped out about LE and Fed over reach take a look at all the SWAT raid gone bad stories on Info Wars.
          Watson at that sight makes a career on reporting on that and TSA gropers.

          • notamobster says:

            I’ve told one of those DEA/SWAT-raid-gone-wrong stories here, on multiple occasions, RJ.

            We hit the wrong house on intel from DEA who was directing the cluster-maneuver. Luckily the old lady just pooped her pants. A public apology was issued and some new doors were purchased/installed.

            I still stand by my assertion that the local & .gov JTF’s aren’t necessarily a bad thing. The .govs have access to broader intel and resources. Those JTF’s do a lot of good things.