ABC: White Folks Guilty In Black On Hispanic Crime

A young hispanic girl was brutally gang-raped by 18 or more black men and ABC is turning it into an issue of white racism. Huh? They point to a man who some say was beaten to death in 1988, by white officers. The officers where acquitted of the charges, but that doesn’t stop ABC from implicating them. Quanell X is even getting involved because the suspects are all black. Reminds me of a case in Florida where a hispanic man was made white by ABC, so they could sell their evil-whitey narrative.

The alleged gang rape of an 11-year-old girl by at least 18 boys and young men has sparked shame and outrage in a tiny Texas town, but it has also stirred racial tensions that threaten to split the East Texas hamlet.

All of the defendants arrested are African-American and the girl is Hispanic.

The hardscrabble town of Cleveland, which is 45 miles from Houston, has fewer than 8,000 residents and since the saw mill closed the biggest employers are Wal-Mart and a nearby prison. In a town this small, everyone is a neighbor, but that small town ambience is being severely strained.

The rape allegedly occurred last November, and the list of suspects has been growing as arrests keep coming. It’s not clear whether more arrests are in the works.

The suspects range in age from 14 to 26, include stars on the high school’s basketball team as well as the son of a school board member.

But as the investigation drags on, the shock and indignation has been tinged with an undercurrent of racial tension.

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