Sheriff who told citizens to arm themselves owns Morgan

Morgan accused Sheriff Clarke of using a “Hollywood voice” in the debate surrounding gun control. Clarke replied, “this is my voice.” The sheriff explained that his department has limited resources and it is not realistic to expect police to be able to respond in time to each and every emergency.

“You haven’t got a clue, have you?” Morgan said in a condescending tone.

Watch Morgan as he talks over Clark and attempts to discredit the sheriff for telling people to defend themselves.

Take your blood pressure meds and watch.

The Sheriff is the only elected law enforcement in your state. He trumps everybody else. Even Feds. Support your local Sheriff.

Morgan, on the other hand, can’t vote for sheriff because he isn’t even a citizen.

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10 Responses to Sheriff who told citizens to arm themselves owns Morgan

  1. TN-Cat says:

    Will be interesting to see if the new boss at CNN knows that Morgan single handedly destroys any credibility CNN may have as a news organization.

  2. notamobster says:

    CNN had credibility? They’ve been at the very bottom of the ratings for years.

  3. Buzzdaddy says:

    Morgan criticizes the Sheriff’s voice, while whining with a feminine lisp. Douche. Bag.

  4. Davis says:

    I’d bet this douche bag has an armed body guard and live in a gated community with armed guards. He is the epitome ofEnglish arrogance that lead to the Revolutionary war.

  5. sortahwitte says:

    Throw him in Boston Harbor. See if the SOB melts.

    • Testa Sterone says:

      I wouldn’t suggest that! He’d turn the harbor muddy brown and not because he’s a tea bag!!!

  6. Jim22 says:

    Morgan is obviously a racist.

    The Sheriff is a gentleman.

    I don’t know why people continue to subject themselves to the belittling of this Brit.

    • notamobster says:

      Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office

      “County Executive Abele called Sheriff Clarke “immature” for his public safety ad during an interview with Fox 6. Two observations: It is apparent that the left has developed a set of talking points that they are all repeating. Second, Abele is a subject matter expert on immaturity. Getting arrested for drunk driving and not paying the ticket for seven years, parking his car wherever he felt like it and accumulating 92 parking tickets that went over-due, and throwing lighted fireworks into the yard of a neighbor that he didn’t get along with are all great feats of maturity on his part!

    • Testa Sterone says:

      I have met and talked with Sheriff Clarke and he is indeed a gentleman. Not only is he a registered democrat but, contrary wise, he talks straight, doesn’t shoot from the hip, speaks at a very intelligent level and generally does not adhere to the democrat talking points especially when it comes to your safety and security. He’s dealing with a budget deficit, deputy shortage and the pains of dealing with a lunatic, spendthrift, democrat controlled county government. And, needless to say, Piers Morgan is still an idiot!!!

  7. Jeff says:

    Cant stand to watch that worthless idiot Pi$$ Morgan