I’ll Be Darned

Here is Marcus Davis guarding an Obama campaign sign with an AR 15. The sign is painted on the wall of the Democratic headquarters in midtown Houston. It has been vandalized twice according to the Houston Chronicle.

Davis is apparently an avowed leftist – judging by his ‘logic’. “Davis has a permit to carry a gun and says that by carrying the gun, it sends a message that just because people disagree with each other, they don’t’ have to resort to acts that will do harm.”

guarding obama sign

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2 Responses to I’ll Be Darned

  1. Dwillman5 says:

    Liberal logic. You can’t defend your life with a gun, but you can defend a sign.

  2. Ray Davies says:

    Question is, is he willing to use the AR to defend the sign? If he points it, he is guilty of assault. Or, if he points it at someone and he gets shot, is it an honest shoot? Wonder what the Houston PD has to say about it. A whole different can of worms.