Obama, once again, blames others for the economy

Obama accepts credit, but never blame. Even when he says “the buck stops here” he doesn’t use that term as confirmation that he accepts responsibility. It is all a game. Charles Krauthammer comments on the sluggish, and now recessionary, economy.

Maybe if Obama didn’t spend all his time skeet shooting we wouldn’t be in this mess, huh?

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3 Responses to Obama, once again, blames others for the economy

  1. Z says:


    White House Press Secretary Jay Carney when asked by a reporter whether the White House was planning a concerted effort on job creation just as it has on immigration reform and gun control. :

    “I know you’re kind of new to the beat, but this president has been focused on this issue more than any other, and that will not change”

    • R.D. Walker says:

      “…this president has been focused on this issue…”

      Well, not so as you’d notice.

      Dormant for more than a year, President Obama’s Jobs Council today formally disbanded, as the White House signals a new phase in its engagement of business leaders on top economic and policy priorities.

      The nonpartisan advisory council of 25 private-sector business and labor leaders was first convened in February 2011. It has met just four times since then to generate ideas for boosting job growth, most recently at the White House last January.

  2. Uke says:

    Obama, the Cargo Cult of Leadership.

    It’s almost as if he’s grown up his whole life hearing actual, successful, respected leaders saying such phrases like, “I take full responsibility,” and “The buck stops here,” and seeks to emulate them by copying the rhetoric without realizing that there has to be actual substance and action behind the words.

    Just saying, “I take full responsibility” means diddly. Especially when you only say it if things have gone well.