Quiet Heroism: “Romney campaign donated $90k to Red Cross after election”

This is how a good man lives his life.

From The Hill:

Mitt Romney’s campaign donated nearly $90,000 to the Red Cross in the weeks after the Republican presidential nominee’s electoral defeat, filings with the Federal Election Commission showed Sunday.

The donation was made on Nov. 30, weeks after Election Day, and not publicized by the campaign.

Romney’s presidential effort was disrupted by the landfall of Hurricane Sandy just days before voters headed to the polls. The storm, which battered New York and New Jersey, pulled President Obama and Romney temporarily off the campaign trail.

Romney then converted scheduled campaign rallies into “storm relief” efforts in key swing states, asking supporters to bring donations and supplies. Campaign workers helped pack and ship the disaster relief supplies to areas in need.”

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One Response to Quiet Heroism: “Romney campaign donated $90k to Red Cross after election”

  1. GreenLeaf says:

    Odd??? We did not hear about this Red Cross donation in the mainstream media so it must not be true.

    Thanks for getting this small, but blessed news out & I hope it gets more attention.