I’m Interested In The Unintended Consequences

Mayors of sixty US cities are trying to influence gun manufacturers. Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak has introduced a way for cities to gain leverage in their efforts to pass stricter gun control laws across the country.

Rybak told members of the City Council’s Public Safety and Civil Rights Committee that he and mayors from approximately 60 cities are taking a closer look at the companies that manufacture the guns and ammunition that cities buy for police officers.”

Following the lead of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, these leftists are trying to use the purchasing power of their police departments to affect the political stance of gun and ammunition suppliers. How is that going to work out for them?

Ronnie Barrett, founder of Barrett’s Custom Firearms, has positioned his company to refuse to sell to, repair, or otherwise deal with Barrett products sold to California governmental agencies because CA chose to refuse to allow Californians to own one of Barrett’s guns. California is a very populous state but Barrett is willing to do this in defense of legal ownership of his product. Will other suppliers follow suit?

Some will. That will leave the police departments of those sixty cities more poorly armed than their citizens. It will also tell the bad guys where they can go to stalk. And it will leave these Mayors constituents less safe, less protected than people in other cities.

What will be the outcome of this?

My guess, they will back down one by one.

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5 Responses to I’m Interested In The Unintended Consequences

  1. notamobster says:

    I’m thinking of creating an informational page which highlights governments, popular figures, and corporations who do & don’t support the rights of Americans.

  2. Uke says:

    Answer: Find out what companies are being boycotted, and counter with civilian “buycots.”

    Don’t think that civilians can match federal/municipal demand? I think the last month demonstrates otherwise.

    Plus, with massive ammunition shortages across the board, I highly doubt that these companies are worried about a contract here or there not being renewed. The American public has shown that it is absolutely ravenous.

    • Rockheim says:


      I find it interesting that 60 Police departments think they can outmuscle over 80 million gun owners when it comes to purchasing power.
      I would love to see the list of conditions that make a vendor approved or not approved for dealing with these vendors.. What? If they sell to civilians they can’t sell to the city?
      Couple this with the fact that once all this hubub dies out these muicipalities will simply come crawling back to the manufacturers.. It is laughable.

      What is interesting to me is that it seems that many of these manufacturers are willing to ride out this storm in states that have stated, under no uncertain terms, that they plan to ban the sale, ownership, transfer and manufacture of “Assault weapons”.. I mean. What logic is there in staying in a state that has declared it’s intent to make your business illegal? Unless they’re banking on the fact that these people don’t have the necessary traction or support to pass said laws.. That’s a dangerous position I would think…

      • Uke says:

        Colt Arms Inc., arguably the most famous and recognizable name in firearms for well over a century…

        is headquartered in Hartford, CT.

        No, I won’t ever understand it.

  3. trebor snoyl says:

    Bring back tar and feathers for these M.A.I.G. pricks!