Fast And Furious II – This Time in Milwaukee

BATFE really is incompetent. This time they let a full-auto machine gun get into the hands of the bad guys. Who in their hierarchy is approving these ‘Sting Operations’?

Of course the ATF stupidity is no worse than the Department of State refusing to improve the security arrangements for the compound in Benghazi, Libya. That resulted in the death of four Americans.

Here we see ATF agents completely losing control of a real Assault rifle. Who will it be used against? How many have already died because of this Milwaukee fiasco?

According to the newspaper, the ATF created a phony storefront, named it Fearless Distributing, staffed it with undercover agents and created a Facebook page that lured people to the location all under the guise of selling clothes and shoes. The ATF agents handed out business cards with a logo similar to the one from the movie “The Expendables” with the words “buy, sell or trade” on them. Once the store was up and running, agents spread the word that Fearless Distributing was willing to buy guns and drugs.

Part of the problem, the newspaper alleges, is that agents spent taxpayer money to buy guns from people at twice the street value. One ATF agent paid more than $1,200 for a gun that usually sells for $400-$700.

Some say the most serious problem involves missing guns. On Sept. 13, 2012, three weapons – including an M-4 automatic rifle – were stolen from an agent’s parked car. The very next day one of the weapons — as well as another unrelated one — were sold back to agents for $1,400. Still missing is the M-4 and Smith & Wesson 9mm.”

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