Senate to move forward with Obama’s gun proposals

Except “assault weapon” ban?

Senate Democratic leaders expect a gun bill to move to the Senate floor that includes most of the proposals backed by President Barack Obama, with the notable exception of a ban on military-style, semiautomatic weapons, a top aide to Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said.

The bill would likely seek to limit the capacity of ammunition magazines; expand background checks to include sales at gun shows and other private transactions; and require better record keeping to keep guns out of the hands of those with mental illnesses. It would also try to curb gun sales in states with more relaxed gun laws to buyers in states with stricter laws.

The details provide the first snapshot of how Senate Democrats plan to move forward on major gun legislation in coming weeks.

Most will die in the Senate. More will die in the House.

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One Response to Senate to move forward with Obama’s gun proposals

  1. Roy Ryder says:

    In the end this will be so watered down it will include nothing but an admonition to citizens to be nice to each other. At least that’s what I hope.