Argentina attempts to repeal iron-clad laws of economics

How do leftists “cure” inflation? Why, with price ceilings, of course.

Argentina announced a two-month price freeze on supermarket products Monday in an effort to break spiraling inflation.

The price freeze applies to every product in all of the nation’s largest supermarkets — a group including Walmart, Carrefour, Coto, Jumbo, Disco and other large chains. The companies’ trade group, representing 70 percent of the Argentine market, reached the accord with Commerce Secretary Guillermo Moreno, the government’s news agency Telam reported.

The commerce ministry wants consumers to keep receipts and complain to a hotline about any price hikes they see before April 1.

Coming up next: Shortages. Shortages, of course, lead to a black market. Black markets are underground markets without contract support from the state so they result in organized crime and violence. Oh, and inflation continues unabated.

Eco-muggles: Will they ever learn?

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4 Responses to Argentina attempts to repeal iron-clad laws of economics

  1. messup says:

    Historically, the three countries of Latin America:Argentina, Brazil and Chile were the areas economic locomotives. Where the three went, so went Latin America (The ABC).
    Argentina, in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s was the darling couples, Evita and Juan Peron’s, economy to decimate. They, the couple, and the country, were both darlings as well as the most developed nation in the whole world…ahead of then industrializing USofA.
    Brazil was an agrarian economy, lagging in economic growth and muscle and Chile had its guano and copper industries with ties across the globe. Enter , socialist governments of the 20th century. The Villelas, Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Pinochet’s…implementing typical command/control governments,economies and taxation policies grinding these three nations development policies to a screeching halt. Brazil tried MERCOSUL, a failed trading bloc from the get-go. Later, tossed by the wayside.
    Today, Latin America, led by Argentina, Brazil and Chile are fast racing towards socialism and abject poverty while literally squandering of all its nation’s scarce economic resources,i.e., land, labor and capital. Salve comanheirismo, los descamisados. Pray. Amen. And Obama wants this economic model for USA’s We The People, too? Look south, amigo, learn from Latin America what doesn’t work…companheiro!!!

  2. Matt says:

    Shortages in Argentina? Cue the faux outrage over the Falklands in 4, 3, 2 . . .

  3. Roy Ryder says:

    Will leftists never learn? How many times can you ram a brick wall with your face and still think “This next time I’ll get it!”.

  4. monoc3 says:

    If you ever go to Uruguay, you will find the bank parking lots and country clubs filled with Argentina license plates. After the last currency crisis in Argentina, most people keep their money and are buying real estate in Uruguay to protect their assets. Smart money has not trusted the country for the last decade.