Heh…”Taliban to Send Peace-Keeping Advisers to Chicago”


As negotiations for the US withdrawal from Afghanistan have once again come to a halt, the Taliban Supreme Council has offered to level the playing field by sending a group of 400 battle-hardened Taliban peacekeepers to the U.S. city of Chicago, to help pacify one of the most violent regions in the Great Plains area of the North American continent.

With many years of combat experience in violent areas of their own country and having fought rebels, insurgents, villagers, urban militias, rival drug lords, as well as Soviet and American occupying forces on foot, horses, camels, donkeys, and trucks, they may be just what the Chicago city officials need to pacify their own population and bring the recently publicized murder rate under control.”

It’s a joke, son. But it kinda makes sense. Send people with guns to stop the violence. Banning guns surely hasn’t helped.

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2 Responses to Heh…”Taliban to Send Peace-Keeping Advisers to Chicago”

  1. Frank in Texas says:

    RPG’s, ied’s, suicide bombers, hell yeah, let ’em level Chicago. No more thug politicians, union activists, teacher unions (but then I repeat myself) to drag the state of Illinois down. Just hope the innocent people there know enough to keep their heads down.

  2. notamobster says:

    Now That is funny!