The road to hell is paved by Chicken Little

Governments are suckers for an environmental catastrophe. A recent study identified 23 different cases in which environmental laws to head off a predicted environmental catastrophe. In all 23 cases, the predictions turned out to be wrong. In 20 of the cases, the laws did net harm.

In an ongoing study, we have identified 26 alarmist movements that were similar to the current man-made global warming alarm (e.g., population growth and famine in the 1960s, and global cooling in the 1970s). In all cases, human activity was predicted to cause environmental catastrophe and harm to people. Despite strong support from leading scientists, none of the alarmist movements relied on scientific forecasting methods. The government imposed regulations in 23 of the 25 alarms that involved calls for government intervention. None of the alarming forecasts turned out to be correct. Of the 23 cases involving government interventions, none were effective, and 20 caused net harm.

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