Congresscritter Warns Mobs Will Riot Unless We Pay Them


Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) wants to make sure that we all understand the there is a seething underclass just waiting to erupt in a torrent of mob violence, much like the French Revolution. He sees the reason for this potential eruption as the lack of “equity” in America, which is a Marxist code word for “let’s take their money”. The only solution McDermott has is to lull this horde of potential monsters to sleep with massive social programs that care for their every whim from cradle to grave.

Of course, McDermott takes no blame for being one the jackholes that’s created the craptacular shrinking economy we have. He also refuses to accept that the massive welfare state he desires must be paid for.

He also fails to realize that the “takers” aren’t the ones who we should fear. It’s the producers who are being robbed on a daily basis and chained with debt they didn’t endorse that are the most likely to start yelling in the street and demanding metaphorical heads.

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4 Responses to Congresscritter Warns Mobs Will Riot Unless We Pay Them

  1. Z says:

    jackhole – well said.

    So – does Mr. Jackhole not know what he’s done? Is he that dumb? Or has he rationalized it away, true-believing? Or is he evil and this is all part of the plan, ends justify the means?

  2. Trebor snoyl says:

    This particular POS, otherwise known as “Congressman for Life,” continues to be elected by the Socialists and Fellow Travelers of West Seattle, as liberal a place as you’ll ever find, north of San Francisco.

  3. sortahwitte says:

    mister jackhole and his marxist circle jerker friends had best be prepping with a big bunker somewhere. Their non-policies and policies will sooner than later run this country into a fiscal and social hole in the ground. People will remember who did this.

    I have sane friends who have notebooks just like mine and they are documenting things just like jackhole said above. You commies just keep flapping your jaws in front of the camera.