Maybe the Cops shouldn’t have assault rifles….

cop truck


As we all know, the LA Police are on a manhunt for a renegade whack-job cop who is shooting up the town.  Apparently, the police are responding in kind

Two women who were shot by Los Angeles police in Torrance early Thursday during a massive manhunt for an ex-LAPD officer were delivering newspapers, sources said.

The women, shot in the 19500 block of Redbeam Avenue, were taken to area hospitals, Torrance police Lt. Devin Chase said. They were not identified. One was shot in the hand and the other in the back, according to Jesse Escochea, who captured video of the victims being treated.

It was not immediately known what newspapers the women were delivering. After the shooting, the blue pickup was riddled with bullet holes and what appeared to be newspapers lay in the street alongside.

OK, so the mental case is driving a blue pickup.   I guess LAPD’s solution is to open fire on any blue pickup they see? Shoot ’em all and let God sort them out?  This concerns me; I also drive a blue pickup.  I mean, really?  LOOK AT THAT TRUCK!

You’re looking for a large black male and end up shooting TWO female news delivery people? Two?  In the back?  Methinks that’s going to a difficult shooting to justify.  Maybe if they didn’t have high capacity ammunition clips replete with pistol grips and bayonet  lugs this never would have happened.

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13 Responses to Maybe the Cops shouldn’t have assault rifles….

  1. BigJimTX says:

    They are looking for a blue or grey Nissan Titan. They have so far shot a grey Honda Pilot and a blue Toyota Tacoma. Good job guys. I don’t give a sh*t how scared you are. IDENTIFY YOUR F*CKING TARGET!!!!!!

  2. PhoneGuy says:

    This is absolutely incredible. I finally sat down and was watching the NBC news when this story came on. First the report of simply opening fire on a blue pickup and then a shot of officers standing outside the LAPD (with “shotguns in addition to their side guns”) looking like they will shoot anything that moves in front of them.

    Maybe it is time to arm the citizens and take the firearms away from the cops…

  3. Uke says:

    Guns should only be in the hands of the military and police. You know… people that are actually trained to expert levels in their proper and judicious use. Unlike us regular, hot-headed, all-thumbs peasants.

  4. notamobster says:

    These bunch of pants-pissing sallies need to have their badges taken and be thrown in jail if they weren’t absolutely, unquestionably, justified!

  5. TN-Cat says:

    What the hell is wrong with the politicians in California? They have to ban driving blue trucks now!

  6. Tony says:

    This is the same police department which refused to come to the aid of citizens who were under attack in the King riots. Here they courageously fight off two unarmed newspaper ladies. Sheeze. Maybe no one told these active LAPD shooters the bad guy was big and black for fear of being accused of profiling.

  7. BrunDawg says:

    People still read newspapers?

  8. Rockheim says:

    I’m counting over 40 holes in the back of that truck and rear window.. The tires are flat with a couple holes in teh mud guards so you know they shot those out. It can be safely assumed that they didn’t hit that truck with every round.
    And what’s beyond their target? Well look.. It’s somebodies house..

    I’m at a complete loss as to imagine what transpired here.. The only think that comes to mind, and it defies all reason, is that the cops ran up behind this truck and simply went gangland on it.. Didn’t pull it over.. didn’t warn the driver.. didn’t make any attempt at all to stop the vehicle other than gunfire..

    WTF is wrong with these cops?

  9. R.D. Walker says:

    An armed civilian who made this mistake would be tried for every possible crime a prosecutor could imagine.

  10. Jim22 says:

    Is that an Obama/Biden sticker in the middle of the police car’s rear bumper?