Command Sergeant Major Frank Grippe has become an entertainer

Command Sergeant Major Frank Grippe surely tolerates idiots better today than he did when I knew him. I guess even the hardest of the hard mellows with age. Enjoy his appearance on the Colbert Report from last night.

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56 Responses to Command Sergeant Major Frank Grippe has become an entertainer

  1. McLaren says:

    Wow, that’s good stuff from our people.

  2. Desiree says:

    Come on now ~~be nice to Grippe!

    Frank has always been a nice guy -always nice to the press and has never in his life not tried to get the message out that he cares about the Army and his soldiers.

    That being said why couldn’t Leno have gone to visit the troops instead. I miss Jay Leno!

  3. Mad Brad says:

    I miss my buddy. He is one heck of a man and he makes me proud.

  4. james o says:

    CSM Grippe is the man. I served under him in 1st Brigade, 10th mtn division. Good man. Visited me in Walter Reed when I was wounded.

  5. Hosea says:

    I knew him back at SDSU ROTC land. He is such an awesome man and mentor and one that I would gladly go to war with any day. It has bee amazing seeing him climb the ladder at achieve that great things that he has. He is the one of the best Leaders that I have had the pleasure of knowing throughout my military career. Also “hello” to his family and take care.

  6. Nick says:

    He was our Battalion CSM during Operation Anaconda, 02′. We all loved and respected the hell out of him. He is best leader, NCO, and hard core soldier I’ve ever met in my life. He was a True soldier in every way and always loved doing everything we did. He truly lead from the front! He would always call us “Ranger”, “Wild man” or “Mountain Man” when he approached us. What a truly amazing guy and I’m very proud to have served with and under his command! I always wondered what became of him and I see he is still the top soldier! I will never forget my time under him! “To The Top” CSM Grippe Hooah!!

  7. Grinder says:

    I served with Grippe for 3 years in the 82nd ABN 2/325 when he was an E4-E5.

    Grippe is one hell of a Troop. I 100% go along with what Nick said! Truly the Best of the Best!

    He rode my ass a few times but for good reason. He was promoted over me because of the type of leader he is.

    One day I hope to meet up with him again and he can buy me a beer.

    • Hal Irvine says:

      My name is Irvine and I was at C Co. 2/325 when Grippe was there. Who is this?

      • MadBrad says:

        I think I remember you. I came over from 3rd Battalion when they went COHORT. I was only there for my last year in the Army. Did you work in the Arms Room?

  8. MadBrad says:

    Grinder, I made E5 in C 2/325 when Grippe was there. I probably know you. I was with Sgt. Law in 1st Squad, 1st Platoon. Grippe and Angerhoffer were in 2nd Squad. Welcome to the Revo. You are among Brothers here.

  9. Jantana waharug says:

    Hi General Frank. I just would like to say hello and to tell you i knew you by someone use your name and your photo come across to my Skype and he try to stolen my money but don’t worry he can’t get anything from me any way nice to meet you G.Frank.

    • Robert says:

      He isn’t a general, stop with your scam tactics!

      • notamobster says:

        I think this individual was reporting that someone tried to scam him, using CSM Grippe’s profile. To non-military, foreigners, everyone is a General.

        I was on a long weekend in Kizkalesi, Turkiye when we tried to explain to the Russian girls we were hanging out with that we were in the Air Force. They saw the airplane gestures as meaning we were astronauts. We just rolled with it. 🙂

        • R.D. Walker says:

          When my son was a Ranger he and his buddies once told girls in a bar that they were space shuttle door gunners. They bought it.

  10. Art says:

    Didn’t know he was a “comedian” but enjoyed skiing Snoqualmie Pass with him in 2010.

  11. tammy goodwin says:

    hello it nice to know we have great soldiers like u fighting for our freedom. but I writing you to tell you that I had a man friended me on facebook saying he is Sgt Kelly Morgan but the picture on it is your . and he is saying he is in Libya on the war front. He is asking women to but $ 900.00 to be able to talk to him. He give me a email address to send. Here is the address Department of the Army Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army Gen. Leon Bank @ sorry to know someone is using a good man like you to get woman to give him money.

  12. christine novell says:

    Hi Tammy Goodwin, I was going through this a came across your comment on sgt kelly morgan,l had a smile cross my face. He tryed that trick on someone l know, he wanted money for leave, but l spotted the name on his jacket which was grippe, when l mentioned it to him he commented that was his army name,did l laugh. I live in uk and we used to have us camp in our village of Ickenham Middx. So knew he was a liar, l sent him a nice long message on yahoo telling that he was a disgrace of a man to do what he was doing.(well words of that effect lol) he never come back on my friends yahoo again, l wonder why? he is scum thats putting mildly. When there are man and boys still out makes me sick to think about. But the joke of it all is he had the bloody cheek to change his photo, to CSM Grippe, in dress uniform. then he said his being promoted to SM kelly morgan l did laugh and invited my friend over to watch him, getting promoted in Nigeria that man got the cheek of a ……………… I hope you dont mind me commenting as soon as l saw that name l just know it was the same person horrible little man. Did he tell you that he had property in uk, he know here very well. Hackney is where he surpose to have a house ?
    l wish you well from C Novell uk

  13. Eileen McRoberts says:

    He tried to get me also. He was using the name Frank Thomas Grippe. He used the phone connection one on me. He had a nice message from me also. The scum bag had a answer for everything. I am sorry that he is using your good name.
    Thank You for all you are doing for are beautiful country.
    Eileen McRoberts

  14. Theresa marie perez says:

    There is a lot of inposters using frank grippe in Niagara libia .friending us women friends here in California they are using the army solders idenitys we googled it up sorry frank but , this inposter claiming your identy 47 yrs age !

  15. Kiana says:

    I’ve been receiving messages on badoo and Gmail from someone using the name Frank Grippe, supposedly a CSM on deployment in Nigeria. He asked for $2500 for leave supposedly because he says soldiers don’t have access to their accounts in the US when they’re on deployment. Thank you all for the insight.

    • dana says:

      i believe i have come across this same asshole ! same story same sites ! i believe the real Frank needs to kick his ass!!!and what a dissappointment ! would have loved to meet the real deal !

      • Kiana says:

        He has several fb pages, all with Centcom photos. On one of the pages, he’s speaking in Spanish. I questioned him on Google asking if he spoke Spanish. He said no. Someone commented that he was fluent in German. I asked on Google if he spoke German. He said no. I’m a veteran as well as former deputy, so I investigated heavily! I caught him in so many lies it was ridiculous. When he couldn’t answer a question, he’d say that he had to go because the “enemy has been spotted”. He would never video chat and said they weren’t allowed to use cell phones because the enemy could track their location. He tried to get money from me, stating that soldiers don’t have access to their bank accounts while on deployment. He wanted me to purchase, or send him money to purchase a plane ticket from Nigeria. O he’ll no! I looked up different scam sites and saw the same pics, same name (different middle initial), aliases and email addresses. I asked him for his military email address. He said he couldn’t give out that type of information because of his location. I initially met him on Badoo, which he said was unsecure, so he wanted to chat on Google. Almost everything is unsecure to a hacker so what’s the difference?
        The REAL Frank Grippe sounds like a pretty awsome guy. If you ever look back at some of the messages, pay attention to the broken English.

        • Gayle Duckworth says:

          I was also contacted by a man claiming to be Sgt. Major Frank Grippe, complete with pictures. All “stock” photos found on the internet. He wanted money, had an extensive story as to why he needed it. When I told him I didn’t believe he was who he was claiming to be he became extremely angry. It is sad that men try to do this, thinking we are all so gullible.

  16. JD McGuire says:

    Frank, Hope all is well, JD McGuire
    1/509 2/325 (MSG Retired)

  17. nabilzing says:

    Hate to say it, but there are people out here trying to pass themselves off as you CSM. The board is “Badoo”. I called him on it. I have plans for those who use our military like this… too bad it’s illegal and I probably won’t get to do it!

  18. p.h says:

    Yes I came across him also on that sitehe hasn’t had a chance to ask me for money and he will answer , he will not have the opportunity

  19. Rachel says:

    I want to say I am sorry to Command Sergeant Major for doubting him. And hope him all the best in the world.

  20. Christine says:

    Hi I have recently been talking to a Frank A Grippe who has been saying he is the real deal. I need to find out some information if he is the right person is there anyone I can email to find out. Thanks in advance

  21. Dana says:

    If you find out let me know ! As I am supposedly talking to the REAL FRANK !

  22. Christine says:

    Dana did you meet him on badoo and now talk on gmail or google mail, has he told you he is away on a secret mission, have you spoke to him tonight, and if you are in the uk has he asked to come to you for RR .Thanks

  23. Dana says:

    Yes ! Meet on badoo ! Now on google chat ! On special mission ! Wants to come meet me on r&r ! In the US .

  24. MadBrad says:

    Ladies, that isn’t the REAL Frank Grippe you are talking to.

  25. Dana says:

    Are you sure MADBRAD ? Cause I’d feel really bad if he really is !

    • MadBrad says:

      The real Frank Grippe doesn’t have to jump on an airplane to the UK in order to find appropriate female companionship. Make a date with the imposter and have the Cops there waiting for him.

  26. Dana says:

    No really I knew the minuet he asked me to send him money he wasn’t theREAL FRANK ! As if he would need myoney for anything ! Just for fun though I have been stringing this man along for a while

  27. MadBrad says:

    The REAL Frank Grippe is one serious bad ass who doesn’t have the time nor inclination to play games on the Internet.

    Chuck Norris dreams that one day he might be as accomplished in bad assery as Frank Grippe has been for decades.

  28. Dana says:

    While I have your attention would you happen to know anything about 1 Captain James Nicolass ?????

  29. MadBrad says:

    I hope that you ladies will keep us posted on the goings on with the Frank Grippe imposter. This publication has more comments about the imposter than the real man. Not only that, this is a safe place to come and share your thoughts and information. It will be entertaining to see how long it goes on.

    One day maybe the REAL Frank Grippe will stop by and be highly entertained by it all.

  30. MadBrad says:

    I don’t know about a Captain Nickel Ass.

  31. Dana says:

    Now that’s just too Effin funny ! Thanks for the laugh ! NICKLE ASS LMFAO ! I’ve read everything I can find about Grippe and I should be so lucky to meet the real man ! He sounds like one hell of a man !

  32. Rachel Parra says:

    Who wouldn’t want to meet a man like Command Sgt Major Frank Grippe. One of the best.

  33. Christine says:

    I last spoke to this person yesterday afternoon who says he is Frank Grippe, said he was going out early on a mission and would get back to me today. What a surprise no contact, he must of read these comments. I have been talking to him on “hangout” and he was sending me an email every morning professing his undying love. I have to say he has not asked me for money yet, BUT I am waiting for the ask. Its a shame that someone has to take his identity to try and fool woman. Wait for next instalment if he gets in contact again.

    • onesoldiersmom says:

      Sad…I can assure, it’s not Frank. You are right, it’s a shame that someone like Frank has to be used like this. Do yourself a favor and don’t speak to that jerk again. I’d block him if I were you.

  34. Dana says:

    Yes I have several of those morning love professing emails ! He’s on line right now ! Told me he got shot in the wrist and needs a surgeon ! So over it ! Oh yeah he wants to marry me too !

  35. Velithka Kadiyska says:

    Can I get email address by Frank Grippe
    Thank you

  36. MadBrad says:

    Welcome to the Revo, Velithka. Ladies seem to make it here from all over. Space Mountain is the oldest ride in the park but it has the longest line.

  37. Terri McDonough says:

    Yes,I’m a Frank victim too.But now I’m curious to hear what the real man has to say about all of this.He must be aware. Do tell.

  38. Jitka Menclová says:

    Good day – nyní je jako Murphy Grippe v Kábulu Afghanistá na Skype a na Googl+ email no člověk se nenudí, když se chce naučit anglicky. Minulý týden chtěl 1950,–dolarů. Dělejte s tím něco lidi vás armádu US přestanou brát vážně a budou vás brát za bandu podvodníku. Není sám letos mě takto oslovilo přes WAY pět vyšších důstojníku. Pěkný den. Jitka

  39. MadBrad says:

    Our Memorial Day weekend observances continue, with more fans of Frank Grippe checking in from around the globe.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Czech… Appears to be someone complaining that the Grippe impersonating scammer has caused problems for her too. Google translate…

      Good day – now it’s like Murphy Grippe of Afghanistan in Kabul on Skype and on Google + email no one is bored, he wants to learn English. Last week he wanted 1950-dollars. Do something about you people stop U.S. military seriously and will you take a bunch of scammers. Not alone this year spoke to me like WAY over five senior officers. Have a nice day. judy

  40. onesoldiersmom says:

    My husband and I stood up for he and Carla at their wedding. It will be our honor to attend his retirement ceremony next month. The Army and our troops will be losing one of the best soldier’s the Army’s every known. As Franko would say, “Hoohah!”

  41. Christine Novell says:

    Ive had a dam good laugh on here reading.all about sgt f kelly using the ID of a Real Soldier like FRANK GRIPPE. It makes me sick to think there are people out there who are sick in head using peoples Well the Real.Csm Frank A Grippe is retired . So if theres anymore silly women getting be asked …. for.csm f kelly dont be fooled.
    and send it. I will miss reading about the REAL CSM FRANK A GRIPPE. his made history in many ways ..he showed how he cared for his soldiers in his care . . Thats a not the conman these silly women bein talking to. WELL.GOOD LUCK.GODBLESS .TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ….AND THANKYOU .I just wished we could.have seen the boys and you singing those army songs ………
    Your be missed.