MSNBC Answers A Conservative Criticism

I’ve never heard of this woman, but she is saying that killing Americans is a-okay, as long as President Obama is the one killing them. She says that the argument of comparing Bush to Obama as far as lefty support is concerned is wrong because the two are fundamentally different. Bush is an idiot and Obama is a “fundamentally good actor”.

The President having the ability to kill Americans without regard to their rights or protections codified in the US Constitution is cool, because she trusts him. Welcome to Germany, circa 1933.

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7 Responses to MSNBC Answers A Conservative Criticism

  1. TN-Cat says:

    How do we even begin to try to “Coexist” with these people?

  2. James says:

    She’d stupid enough to trade one dictator for another.
    The problem of course, is the position of power.
    All men are bad. That is human nature.
    The solution is to not create positions of power in which
    a monkey can pound on other defenseless monkeys.

  3. Bill says:

    I forgot about her but then someone posted something today which reminded me of this. She ran for congress in 2010 in VA and lost. She claimed she was smeared when some sexually themed photos were leaked out. Here are 2 links; the first is of her complaining about the photos and the second are the actual photos which are not suitable for family or work viewing.

    • notamobster says:

      Who among us, hasn’t had a bi-curious sex-toy party with a few close friends and your significant oth…. Oh, you? Yeah, me either.

      • notamobster says:

        Thanks for that, Bill. You seem to have a brain that functions like mine. See if this sounds familiar:

        A few months back I was trying to think of a woman’s name. I knew this woman as Lucy Jawless because of technical abilities she possessed when I was stationed with her in the Air Force. I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember her last name.

        Then, a few days ago, my daughter mentions some kids with peanut allergies at her school. One of the kids played softball with her. The kids name is *****. I couldn’t remember *****’s Mom’s name, but because she looked like Lucy Jawless, I blurted out Lucy ******!

        My daughter, confused look on her face, says “Huh?”. And I dismiss the situation and change the subject.

        Weird, the associations, that make the mind tick.

  4. Uke says:

    The t**t above advocates for a different set of rules from one president to the next. She is the sort of person that will gladly put herself and her brethren in chains for one man she agrees with, then will rail and screech when someone else arrives to take the lead end of those chains after the first man has departed.

    I can’t even accurately express my boiling revulsion at such a short-sighted nitwit.

  5. R.D. Walker says:

    She is an ignorant tool.

    First, let me say I am okay with drones as a weapon of war against enemy combatants. If, because enemy combatants hide among civilians, they get civilians killed, I say that is the fault of the enemy combatant. I don’t think POTUS needs any oversight in ordering the targeting of foreign national enemy combatants.

    If an American citizen has become an enemy combatant, I am not okay with the president ordering him assassinated. That isn’t a power the president has nor should he.

    That doesn’t mean that a traitor who is an enemy combatant and a US citizen can’t be targeted. It should, however, require extensive judicial oversight, approval and documentation for archiving. It is NOTHING that should be taken lightly. The hurdle should be high and the burden heavy. Allowing the POTUS to have that unilateral, dictatorial power has no place in the United States.

    The idea that this stupid tool is okay with giving dictatorial power to presidents that make her swoon and not others is sickening. First, who gives a damn about her judgement? Frankly, I trust Bush enough that I was proud my son served as a combat infantryman in Iraq and Afghanistan under him as CiC but I am glad as hell he got out before Obama became president. In other words, I trust Bush with my son’s life as a soldier more than Obama. As far as I am concerned, Obama, not Bush is to the military what Larry Flint is to women’s rights.

    That said, I don’t trust either of them to have the power to engage in extrajudicial killing of Americans. I wouldn’t trust my mother with that power. I wouldn’t trust myself with that power.

    So maybe she isn’t a hypocrite. Maybe it isn’t outside of the logic she applied to trust Obama but not Bush. Fine. She isn’t a hypocrite. She is, however, an ignorant tool who has has no hope of remaining free on her own because she is willing to surrender her most basic liberties because of some dumb-ass, misplaced trust of the head of a political machine.

    I suspect her trust is based on something akin to a schoolgirl crush on the ultra-cool boyfriend she wishes she had. She and her type are ripe for oppression.