Dr. Benjamin Carson Ain’t Afraid Of Obama

Just like the honey badger he says exactly what’s on his conservative mind while President Obama is forced to sit and listen. He doesn’t give a sh#t.

This has been on the web for a couple days. Because it is so long I have not looked at it. I suspect that applies to most of you as well.

But it is delicious. It should have been longer. As you watch it it just gets better; especially when he starts on Obamacare.

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10 Responses to Dr. Benjamin Carson Ain’t Afraid Of Obama

  1. Matt says:

    Looks like POTUS decided at 21:30 that now would be a good time to pull out his Blackberry and read email. Classy.

  2. A Guy says:

    Enjoyed the video very much. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Z says:

    He makes me proud to be an American. What a wonderful speech, by a truly honorable patriot. He is what America is all about. This should be spread far and wide.

  4. RJM says:

    If you notice Dr Carson walked away and didn’t even attempt to shake Dumbo’s hand, definitely makes a statement what he thinks.

    Of course Dumbo didn’t make a effort to shake Dr Carson’s hand either.

  5. notamobster says:

    President Carson? Has a nice ring to it, no? I love how he quickly turns & walks away when he’s finished. Nicely done.

  6. Locke n Load says:

    Lefties are apopleptic screaming ‘innapropriate’ regarding his timing of the comments. Didn’t belong in the National Prayer breakfast. Uh huh. Seems none of them ever get upset when FUNERALS are used as stump speech platforms, political rallies, etc. Screw ’em. Time to play their game and call them on it the whole way. Dr Carson was 100% correct and used the only opportunity he would ever have to make his point (unlike Clinton, Obama, et al who could ALWAYS make their arguments elsewhere).
    I’ve gone into detail here before about the wisdom of HSAs. How I’ve saved literally 50 Grand over the last 5 years even though I had gold plated coverage AND a major surgery whack my deductible. They’re they best free market approach, period. The Feds of course hate them because they allow me to stay out of their reach and deny them tax money. Regular folks have either no idea what they are or confuse it with conceirge medicine.
    No matter. Within a few years my option will be eliminated. Obamacare will eventually either outlaw them or make them impossible for BCBS to offer. At that point my insurance costs will rise literally fivefold and I’ll be forced into single payer.
    Well fuck ’em.
    I’ll keep petitioning Texas and every state that will listen to NOT submit to the Exchanges, to refuse at every turn the attempts to roll us in or fleece us. More than ever I hope we get a vote on Secession in Tx. I’m a guaranteed lock YES vote.

  7. Locke n Load says:

    I’m going to suppose most folks don’t know a thing about the good Dr, I’d only known of him tangentially when I was reading something about conjoined twins a long time ago. He’d almost faded from memory.
    Read this.

    The whole speech he gave was awesome, not just the little bit about his HSA inspired solution.
    Dr Carson will be villified alright, he’s the embodiment of every last opposite of Obama. Dr Carson has a story almost as amazing as a certain SCOTUS justice I admire to no end.

  8. xenicalman says:

    I was looking at the national fuck stick and his protruding butt spouse and saw hardly any animation. Just a look, a glare of disgust and contempt. They acted as if someone put a turd in the high school punch bowl.
    Maybe, just maybe, in listening to the good Doctor, I felt that there may be a slight glimmer of hope.
    Hurry, somebody pinch me.

  9. BaconNeggs says:

    Jim, great post, thoroughly enjoyed every second of that great speech.

    Noticed Michelle stopped clapping when the good Dr. said he takes his directions from… Jesus.
    From there on Obama seemed to be doing his best not to explode as the Dr exposed his many flawed policies that seemed at odds with the Biblical word of God.

    So many wonderful points in that speech, not just complaining but damn good solutions.

    Here here Dr.Carson!

  10. Miki says:

    Wow, this is good!