Guns Aren’t Defensive. Cops Use Them To “Intimidate & Show Power”

This Police Chief, Ken James (Emeryville, California) should have his badge taken. He shouldn’t be allowed withing 1000′ of anything resembling power, authority, or sharp objects. What a tool.

Watch the faces of the officers around him. Feel free to email Chief Ken James here:


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12 Responses to Guns Aren’t Defensive. Cops Use Them To “Intimidate & Show Power”

  1. James says:

    Ken James does not appear to be an intelligent man.
    Military conflicts are about controlling territory.
    Territory can be defended, using weapons.
    Your home is an example.

  2. Locke n Load says:

    Not Defensive.
    Ok sir, if its all about intimidation why not patrol without guns? Snarling Rotties are pretty damned intimidating. I know, you could just get scarier looking ARs and not LOAD them, right? Wouldn’t just the sight of the weapon be intimidating enough?
    The argument is so political and facetious as to be gut-busting laughable on its face. The man must be awkwardly angling for office, he has to have been fed that BS by a press handler. No honest cop who ever worked a street could POSSIBLY think that way.

    Wait, just wondering…. is his force also in on the manhunt? Will they be trying to ‘intimidate’ Dorner into submission? And why doesn’t it surprise me that this hyperbolic line of BS is coming from a man who MAY stand a full 5’6″ without his platform shoes? Methinks his SMS personality is showing a bit.

    • Locke n Load says:

      Probably not in on the hunt actually but you never know. Emeryville is San Fran area, actually borders Berzerkley

  3. xenicalman says:

    This tool is not only short on stature but short on common sense. Maybe, because of his diminutive size, he is easily intimidated by the likes of smurfs. Smurfs, as we all know, are afraid of guns. Thus the basis for his logic.

  4. R.D. Walker says:

    I guess that is why when I was an infantryman and we were in the defense, we just left all our weapons back in the arms room. You can’t use weapons in the defense, after all.

    I guess that’s why bank guards have guns. Not to defend the bank, but to intimidate bank customers.

    “To protect and to serve” is obviously a misnomer. It should read to “intimidate and project power”.

    When will we change the name of the “Depart of Defense” to the Department of Intimidation? Either that or just give up their guns since they can’t be used to defend.

    That was the stupidest thing I have ever heard fall out of the mouth of a cop.

  5. R.D. Walker says:

    The next time one of the officers in his force shoots someone in the line of duty, the “victim’s” lawyer can direct the jury’s attention to the words of the Chief in order to establish the nature of the training the police officer in question received. Clearly, the training standard in Emeryville, California is that officers are to use their sidearms as offensive weapons. Department policy in Emeryville, is to use city issued sidearms to intimidate and offensively threaten people.

    Emeryville defense attornies, are you paying attention? This ginormous knob just lobbed you a big, fat slow ball.

  6. xenicalman says:

    RD”S perception is spot on.
    I wonder what the morale is like on his Police Department and based on the chief’s philosophy, how effective are his officers in the pursuit of effective law enforcement.
    Then I wondered what would motivate a person to put on a badge and work in such a progressively bizarre locale in the first place.

  7. notamobster says:

    Yep, every time a cop shows up somewhere, people could file suit for public intimidation. What an absolute moron. I’m not certain, but you may be right, RD. This may be the dumbest thing I have ever heard come out of a cop’s mouth.

  8. ………….and then we have this:

    Why did the President, Barack Obama dishonor the United States Marine Corps at the inaugural parade? Maybe He doesn’t trust us or “something”. Why where the bolts removed from their rifles? Maybe he remembers Anwar Sadat or something?

  9. newcastle700 says:

    From Buffalo New York…check out the New York State Resistance when they ask questions of the “lawmakers” regarding the new gun laws just put in place in the state…they cannot tell the people assembled what the law is..unreal

  10. Trebor snoyl says:

    This character is nothing but a tin horn NAZI, disguised as a “Public servant.”