LTC Dave Grossman: “How To Keep Schools Safe”

Read the article. He has common sense solutions to what has become a terrible problem.


Retired Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman spoke in Jacksonville, Illinois about how to keep schools and school children safer.

Grossman is an internationally recognized expert on the psychology of killing. This makes some people nervous and uncomfortable, but those people are exactly the people who need to hear what he has to say.

Two of his books, “On Killing” and “On Combat” are now on the required reading list in the Marine Corps. He gives seminars around the country and in a dozen other countries about mass murders and how to prevent them, and on how to overcome the denial that is the natural state of most people.

“Denial has no survival value.”

The people who get nervous and uncomfortable hearing about guns and school safety are in denial. “Denial is the enemy, it gets you killed”, said Grossman. “Denial has no survival value.”

What are people denying? The facts are clear, Grossman says. Armed good guys in the school deter school massacres. That’s what he calls them, “massacres” not “shootings”

He presented three steps to take to accomplish this: “Deter, Detect, and Delay”.

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2 Responses to LTC Dave Grossman: “How To Keep Schools Safe”

  1. James says:

    It’s clear Grossman has spent years studying and analyzing this phenomenon. One cannot solve a problem without first understanding then identifying it. Most interesting was the idea of not making killing easy. Modify the school and change procedures to reduce entry, and mobility inside. Missing from the text, but likely in the presentation is SOP for students and teachers when an event does occur.

    There are two classes of gun grabbers. The stupid ones who implement the first solution that comes to mind. And the ones using these attacks as a reason to disarm and control the populace.

  2. James says:

    Notice Grossman does not use the liberal lexicon of ‘shooters’ or ‘shootings.’ Grossman calls them ‘murderers’, and the events ‘massacres.’
    This has allowed Grossman to accurately describe, then solve the mass murder problem. He differentiates lawful use of firearms from killing.

    Liberals change the use and meaning of language to remove differentiation. The highest intelligence level of problem solving requires accurate description to determine what independent variables should be controlled to alter outcome. It is my belief that this is intentional, to further a liberal agenda of enslaving their fellow man, rather than solving a problem.