Another baseless attack in California…

California police are starting to be a lot like pit bulls. They are nice an docile right up to the point they suddenly attack without warning.

David Perdue was on his way to sneak in some surfing before work Thursday morning when police flagged him down. They asked who he was and where he was headed, then sent him on his way.

Seconds later, Perdue’s attorney said, a Torrance police cruiser slammed into his pickup and officers opened fire; none of the bullets struck Perdue.

His pickup, police later explained, matched the description of the one belonging to Christopher Jordan Dorner — the ex-cop who has evaded authorities after allegedly killing three and wounding two more. But the pickups were different makes and colors. And Perdue looks nothing like Dorner: He’s several inches shorter and about a hundred pounds lighter. And Perdue is white; Dorner is black.

“I don’t want to use the word buffoonery but it really is unbridled police lawlessness,” said Robert Sheahen, Perdue’s attorney. “These people need training and they need restraint.”

Maybe CA police should be required to take an NRA gun safety course, huh?

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11 Responses to Another baseless attack in California…

  1. Uke says:

    So what is it? Cops trying to be heroes or cops can’t take the slightest bit of pressure and shoot anything that moves because of it?

    Either way, doesn’t speak well for the self-discipline of CA cops.

  2. James says:

    This is why law and police procedure must be in place and enforced. Police must be prosecuted and jailed for law breaking, like the rest of us. Without exception.
    These events make me wonder if the CA court system and police “brothers” have conspired in corruption.

  3. James says:

    If brutality within the LAPD continues to be tolerated, officers who find such behavior repugnant will leave the force, and bullies who are attracted by such use of power will enter the force. Law enforcement will become contaminated.

    • A Guy says:

      LAPD is contaminated and has been for a long time. That, however, does not mean it isn’t worth fixing.

  4. A Guy says:

    A lot of people are starting to believe that the LAPD are afraid of what Dorner has to say.

    • notamobster says:

      A lot of people may be right. The LAPD certainly isn’t doing itself any favors.

      • Buzzdaddy says:

        I reckon if he had any dirt on anybody at LAPD we would have never heard of this guy. He would’ve already played that card behind closed doors and kept his job. Instead, he goes out and slaughters his attorney’s daughter and her fiance. This dude’s no whistle blower; he’s a maniac.

        • notamobster says:

          Its entirely possible that the LAPD screwed up or had a localized cover up. That doesn’t negate the loontard ‘s culpability. He can be a loony and the victim of revenge discipline. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

          • Uke says:

            Bingo. In fact, I’d be inclined to say that virtually every one of us is the victim of petty workplace bullshit at one point or another. Even job-ending bullshit.

            The difference is we don’t go out and shoot up a town over it. Wee bit of self-control, you know?

  5. EastBayLarry says:

    Of course they attacked a white man when their target was a black man…not allowed to “Profile” you know.

  6. notamobster says:

    These pants-pissing idiots need to be in jail.