What to expect from the State of the Union Address

It will not be a report on the state of the union. It will be a call for more of the abomination that is the Obamanation. More tax increases, fewer budget cuts, more gay agenda items, more gun control, immigration, more EPA diktats and a whole bunch more socialism.

President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech will be less a presidential olive branch than a congressional cattle prod.

Emboldened by electoral victory and convinced the GOP is unwilling to cut deals, Obama plans to use his big prime-time address Tuesday night to issue another broad challenge at a Republican Party he regards as vulnerable and divided, Democrats close to Obama say.

“There are a surprising number of Republicans who seem to think that elections don’t matter, who are ready to block widely popular agenda items that the American people voted for in November,” former Obama campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt said, underscoring the elections-have-consequences attitude of the president’s brain trust.

“Change isn’t going to happen behind closed doors — it’ll require continued use of the bully pulpit and the reengagement of the millions of Americans who volunteered for the campaign,” he added.

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