But each couple got $9 worth of free birth control, right?

Yep, young people, each pair of you is saving about $9.00 per month on the Pill. What did that free birth control cost you? That $9.00 a month will probably cost you at least a few hundred a month. If you aren’t married, it will cost you even more. Sandra Fluke didn’t do you any favors.

State and federal officials and the health care industry are currently preparing to implement two specific ObamaCare provisions taking effect on January 1, 2014, acting on this politically perverse principle of shifting resources from your supporters to your opponents. The first is the individual mandate, which aims to force the young, childless, and healthy β€” “Young Invincibles,” as they are said to think of themselves β€” to buy heath insurance, even if they think (and even perhaps make a rational, if risky, bet) that they don’t need it.

The second is a lesser-known policy to limit the practices of charging different premiums to different ages, known as age-rating. Many states currently set a limit on this difference, often mandating that an old person shouldn’t pay a premium more than five times a younger person’s, even if she’s expected to use more than five times as much health care. The ObamaCare provision kicking in next January 1 would reduce that ratio to three-to-one, essentially limiting what the elderly pay in part by forcing young people to carry a larger share of the total cost of national health care.

The author of the article wants you to believe that Obama is a hero because he is shifting wealth from the young and poor and healthy to the old and wealthy and sick. Since he is moving money from his base to his detractors, he is pure. You can judge that for yourself.

Meanwhile, enjoy your “free” birth control; it is going to cost you. Read more: Obama prepares to screw young people.

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