China Surpasses US As #1 Global Trading Partner

Wanna read something terrifying? Some of you, okay, a LOT of you won’t get all of this so you need to read it carefully. [not written for a Revo audience ~nota] Twice if needed. Pay attention!

We’ve already been living in a world of failed Treasury auctions for 3 years now and avoiding that obvious truth doesn’t change it… the Dollar is slated for depegging, the Petrodollar is increasingly being subverted, and the need for our surplus dollars awash in the global market is about to come to an end.

This is what we need to watch, what we need to stay laser focused on if we’re to be ready for the collapse of the Dollar. Russia, China, India…all ramping up gold purchases while we feebly try and restrict oil-for-gold trading by throwing sanctions on Iran.

Our power is rapidly diminishing and those of you who thought that was a good thing? Well just you wait and see what it means when the break happens. You”ll look differently on those of us who begged and pleaded for fiscal restraint and curbs in spending, for temporary pain instead of the agony of currency wars and world wars.

To those of you who mocked the Tea Party’s message and STILL don’t get it, don’t say we didn’t try and warn you. And don’t come begging at my door for food or protection. You demanded this fate, you live with it.China Surpasses U.S. As Number One.

Read here to find out the how & why.

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5 Responses to China Surpasses US As #1 Global Trading Partner

  1. Locke n Load says:

    Yeah, much better formatting. 2am rants at the lefty-leaning facebook crowd can get messy. Thanks for fixing it up

  2. Roy Ryder says:

    In addition to the economic difficulties we face now, and will face more of in the future, we will see the demise of Pax Americana to be replaced by “might makes right” and “caveat emptor”. For all the left’s screaming about human rights, the world will be much worse off after the debacle of the Obama administration.

    • Locke n Load says:

      no doubt. and with the axis of world economic power shifting into an ultra-statist/communist pairing the ‘free world’ will be at their mercy. Russia is now the worlds largest oil exporter and don’t you just love how they treat the ‘bothersome’ old bloc countries? Cut off their fuel when they get uppity, that always works. Especially in the dead of winter.

  3. Locke n Load says:

    I’m hearing commentators describe China and Russia’s actions as ‘preparing for’ a Dollar collapse.
    That is precisely the wrong language.
    They are ORCHESTRATING it.

  4. messup says:

    Peru – the world’s largest supplier of silver (from the Potosi silver mines) is experiencing a booming economy. The country’s largest supermarket chain – ALICORP- is purchasing a Brazilian failing producer of Pasta (Santa Amalia) for $200 million dollars. More Peruvian businesses have pending aquisitions in the making in Brazil.
    Brazil – Petrobras, the government owned oil and ethanol (sugar cane)monopoly reported losses in 2012 of 36% versus 2011. Remember, they have a $2 billion dollar stake in off shore oil reserves in Louisianna’s shallow drilling platforms. And received first bids on any two (or more) of seven off shore drilling platforms Obama set aside in “preferential treatments” due to his Gulf of Mexico “drilling moratorium.” And George Soro’s “investment” of $2 billion dollars in Petrobras at Obama’s behest. Looks like the “crony-capitalist’s” lost really big time on this one.
    Brazil – Eike Batista(OGX), recipient of both American – Brazilian government deal-makings and Soros’s “investments,” has been “de-listed” from Bloomberg’s 100 most richest in the world.
    Brazil – who made out like a bandit in Brazil’s demise? Yep, you guessed it….Bank of America(ITAU). They managed to eke out a small profit over 2011. Of course, Quantitative Easing is also taking place in Brazil…sure does help a banks bottom line.

    Yep, Argentina is in free fall. Brazil, is following suit and Chile a close third. Goes to prove, once again, “redistribution of wealth” (a la Marx) just has a really unhappy ending.!!!Pray. Amen.
    Oh! By the way, the evangelicals in Brazil are literally exploding in membership. Catholics, in Latin America, are leaving Catholicism by the droves. See, Pope Benedicts resignation on 2/11/2013 is an attempt at stopping catholics (chism in Catholic church) leaving the “pedophile kingdom” created by a greedy, power hungry and corrupt Catholic/Vatican hierarchy. Brazilian Evangelicals are snapping up TV stations, real estate, et al because of tithing and believers hungry for the Word of God. Morality trumps Sodom and Gamorrah…every single time!!!!